Innovation Pays

Innovation Pays

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    From Queen City entrepreneur to multi-million dollar company investor, learn about the local woman who launched a venture capital fund to help lift women up in the world.

    H Venture Partners wants to help emerging consumer brands in North America succeed. More specifically, the early growth equity and venture fund focused company focuses on aspirational and innovative brands within specific categories including food, personal care, family care, home care, apparel, beauty, health, wellness, hardware, consumer devices and the Internet of things.

    Elizabeth Edwards, General Partner and Founder at H Venture Partners, is a Cincinnati native. She plenty of experience in the investment industry, working as a partner with Maywic Select Investments and helped brands including the former locally-based SkinnyMom. 

    H Venture Partners is an early growth equity and venture fund focused on emerging consumer brands in North America. The fund is focused primarily on seed, venture, and early growth equity investments in consumer products and consumer devices. 

    “I began my career as a strategy consultant with the Strategy & Operations practice of Deloitte Consulting, specializing in innovation, corporate strategy, and strategic acquisitions,” Edwards says. “Some of those clients include Johnson & Johnson on both the clinical and consumer sides, and XM Satellite Radio.”

    Today, at H Venture Partners, Edwards has taken priority in female founders. “Less than 2 percent of venture dollars are invested in women, representing a significant opportunity,” she says. “More than half of consumer startups we talk to have at least one female founder.”

    Although the company itself doesn’t exclusively invest in female founded companies, Edwards believes that there is so much opportunity for women-owned businesses to gain traction from investors that they deserve.

    “On one hand, the lack of funding for female founders offends our sense of justice,” says Edwards. “As investors, we think it impacts returns. We believe that the opportunity cost of this implicit bias is no insignificant – and everyone loses out: consumers looking for brands that get them, female founders starting companies, and investors losing out on potential returns.”

    Plus, companies who have female founders have proven to perform better than companies that are comprised of only men. 

    “According to First Round Capital, cmpanies with a female founder performed 63 percent better than investments with all-male founding teams,” she says. “According to Credit Suisse, companies with at least one woman on the board outperform their peers by 26 percent.”

    Edwards says that this evidence of success among female entrepreneurs is why many of the founders she speaks with are women who are creating brands with which H Venture Partners collaborates.

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