It’s All About the Girls

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    Eight years ago, Debba Haupert launched Girlfriendology, a blog devoted to promoting female camaraderie. Since then, she has authored books, created a webinar series, speaks nationwide, and has more than 68,000 social media fans between Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.


    She was initially inspired to launch Girlfriendology as an outlet of support when she learned two of her girlfriends were battling cancer. “I was troubled by my girlfriends’ having cancer and why I had such a need to be around my female friends to support me during that time as I was supporting them,” she says. “Women are social butterflies who need a place to be social – so why not start a social media website to make the work a little easier for everyone?”


    Haupert has more than 20 years of corporate media marketing experience, and has been marketing Girlfriendology strictly through social media for the past eight years. Above all, Haupert says, Pinterest has been the most effective for driving traffic to her site. In fact, she created a Pinterest webinar as a resource to help others replicate the success she experienced. “Pinterest is branding Girfriendology very well. Women are very visual and they are the primary audience on Pinterest at this point,” explains Haupert.


    Whether it’s featuring a woman on her blog, pinning an inspirational quote or publishing a helpful webinar, it’s all about taking care of and supporting other women, she says. “We use three times the words that guys do on a daily basis,” she adds. “We like to share the funny, strange and little details of our lives – Girlfriendology is a place to share inspiration, women’s wisdom and girlfriend advice.”


    Today, you can check out Haupert’s blog, learn helpful tips and tricks, read about upcoming events and be inspired by other women by visiting the Girlfriendology website. Whether you’re looking for advice on relationships, nutrition, books, food or finance, Haupert covers it all. There’s also the Girlfriendology newsletter to keep you up-to-date.


    If you’re looking for a Girlfriendology-approved event, Haupert recommends checking out the Women Amplify Success Conference (WAMS) on March 5. This inaugural event will include national speakers, executives, entrepreneurs and women who are making a difference in their communities. “WAMS will help you take your career to the next level, help you learn and grow, help you get more from both your personal and professional life and get you back on track when it comes to getting ahead,” Haupert says. “This event is going to be great and impactful for women while offering coaching and training through inspiration and education.”


    The event is based around four core themes – Leading Out Loud, Productivity and Effectiveness, The Intersection and Success of Happiness and Creating a Personal Brand that Gets You Results. There will also be a panel discussion called “The Balancing Act is Not An Act,” as well as mini wellness breaks throughout the day. “Women will leave with new strategies, tools, tips and tricks to keep them healthy, happy and at the top of their game,” Haupert explains.


    To learn more about Girlfriendology, visit, “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.