Ivy Costa Style

Ivy Costa Style

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    From antique malls to her father’s workshop, Ivy Costa found her passion to create lasting relationships with her clients through her retail and personal styling services. Keep reading to learn more about how you can find your own passion for fashion with a wardrobe edit or overhaul from Costa.

    Ivy Costa of Ivy Costa Style
    Ivy Costa of Ivy Costa Style

    Ivy Costa recalls a “Kate Moss” moment that inspired her fashion career at the age of 18. The manager at one of her favorite stores “discovered” her and asked if she wanted a job. It’s what she now refers to as “reverse discovery.

    So, at the young age of 18 she learned the art of outfitting, and how to make people happy with clothes. Combine that passion for fashion with what she learned from her grandfather who worked as an antiques dealer and her father who taught her attention to detail, patience and a plethora of other traits and a blossoming business of personal styling was born.

    Costa credits her know-how and inspiration for running a business to her first retail job. She didn’t want to run someone else’s business, she wanted to run my own business, so she opened a store.

    When Costa decided to open her own retail store she found the freedom to express her fashion and style, and like her grandfather, she was able to develop real and lasting relationships with her clients. While running her retail store, Costa ventured into personal styling and that’s where she says she found her true calling.

    As a personal stylist, her philosophy is person first. She wants all of her clients to learn more about who they are, the potential they have inside and that they can express themselves through clothing and don’t have to stick to one particular style.

    Fast forward several years, she is no longer owning or running a retail store, as she’s solely focused on her thriving personal styling business, Ivy Costa.

    Costa offers a variety of services, including personal styling, weddings and personal shopping. When it comes to personal shopping, Costa will shop for and design a wardrobe tailored just for you and your lifestyle needs. Whether you shop alongside Costa or let her bring the wardrobe to your home or office, the goal is to always shop with a purpose and ensure that each item has a place in your closet.

    If you’re wanting to do a complete wardrobe overhaul or just give it a facelift, Costa helps you find pieces that work together to tell your own individual story or fill in the missing pieces.

    When you schedule a consultation with Costa for your personal styling shopping event, Costa will get to know more about you and your wardrobe. Whether you already have a great wardrobe and need a fresh outfitting or want to start over, Costa likes to start with the consultation.

    At your consultation, you can expect to complete a personal shape and style profile, a wardrobe edit and outfitting with your current wardrobe.

    Costa will provide you with a Look Book for complete head-to-toe outfitting from your closet. No more stress about what to wear or how to wear what you own, just flip open your Look Book and find your outfit that best suits your upcoming day.

    In addition to personal styling, Costa also does wedding styling. These packages are available to help you bring your dream wedding to life. Costa will help you find the perfect wedding dress and event style your entire wedding party from start to finish.

    These custom wedding packages can be created and tailored for your specific needs, so if you already have “the dress” but are having trouble finding something to suit your bridesmaids, Costa can help.

    You can learn more about Costa and her business by checking out her website, following along on her blog or calling 513-470-2358. Or, you can “like” her on Facebook, Instagram or follow along on Twitter.