Jill Comes Clean

Jill Comes Clean

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    Ready to tackle your organization issues while adding a greener clean to the surfaces in your home? Click here to read about a local mom who wants to share her tips for keeping your home clean and safe from harmful chemicals.

    Jill Koch has a knack for organization and cleaning, so it only made sense that she turned her passion for a cleaning, living, lifestyle brand into a homemaking space called Jill Comes Clean.

    “It’s a place where busy women and most can get ideas for how to create a home they feel good in no matter the size,” says Koch. “I love sharing hacks that simplify life as well as organizing and cleaning tips so that you can easily keep your home tidy and functional. And there’s the clean living component where I teach you simple ways to reduce toxins in your home and products.”

    The inspiration for Jill Comes Clean came about when Koch stopped working as a nurse to stay home with her son. She found herself in need of a creative outlet among mommy duties, so she started a blog.

    When I started thinking about what I was passionate about and would enjoy sharing I realized my love for not only keeping a clean and tidy home but also reducing the amount of chemicals in our day to day lives,” she explains. “I struggled with fertility issues trying to conceive our son and that got me researching why that could have been, given that no one else in my family struggled with it. The more I researched the more I found connections between many of the chemicals in our lives and infertility along with other health ailments.”

    While she says that this wasn’t necessarily the cause of her struggles, it could have been a contributing factor. Because of that, she wanted to eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals when and where she could. Along the journey of eliminating these things, she found that she wanted to share this information with others.

    That idea around clean living combined with my love for keeping a clean and organized home, led to Jill Comes Clean,” she says. 

    Koch enjoys sharing tips, hacks, and motivation for cleaning, especially because she knows how buys life gets, even more so when you have kids. 

    “I know that if our homes are chaotic and messy, we feel that way internally too,” she says. “I want to share things I have discovered along the way that maybe save time so we aren’t cleaning non-stop on days off, or help you organize a space and keep it that way. Plus, I want people to see that you don’t always need harmful chemicals in products to have a clean home. These days there are so many healthier options out there and I like arming people with knowledge to help them buy better among the sea of options.”

    Koch believes that what makes Jill Comes Clean unique is that she takes on cleaning and organizing for your home and offers a non-toxic spin to it all. “I am able to offer natural solutions to try first and most times they work just as well as store bought brands with harsh chemicals,” she says. “That’s not to say I’m perfect 100% of the time. My motto is to do what you can, where you can. We will never be perfect or eliminate every bad toxin in our life, but every safe swap you can make is one less in your life.”

    Koch says that she’s currently in the process of exploring ways to expand Jill Comes Clean.

    “I have a couple things in mind but am looking to launch an online course or two soon and maybe even offer consulting services some day for cleaning and organizing,” she says. “I’m excited to see where all it can go.”

    You can learn more about Jill Comes Clean at http://jillcomesclean.com. You can also follow along on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.