Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach

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    A brother and sister team launched a brand of eco-friendly, ethically produced bags that encourage you to spend more time playing, wandering, and living life to the fullest. Read on for the beachy details and where you can see them rock an eco-chic runway soon!


    Buri and Beach designs straw tote bags that are stylish for the beach and everyday use.

    Rick Jardiolin and his sister, Cookie Jo, both have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for fashion. Rick has a background in retail that spans more than 20 years while Cookie Jo’s background is focused on art and design.

    When they were younger, the two would travel to the Philippines for summer vacation, and while they were there, would see their mother carrying a native straw bag along to the beach.

    “Our mom had a very classic style and would take her straw bag everywhere, to the beaches, the markets, and to parties,” says Rick.

    To honor their mother, the duo wanted to create a lifestyle brand that was sustainably made yet aesthetically stylish for the woman who loves to travel to the islands or traverse through the city, inspiring them to launch Buri and Beach, based in Columbus Ohio.

    “Buri and Beach is a lifestyle brand for socially-conscious women who enjoy excursions and are curious about connecting with others through art and culture,” says Cookie Jo. “Our mission is to provide eco-friendly and ethically produced bags that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to our customers and the cooperatives we work with.”

    The Jardiolin siblings believe that everyone should spend more time playing, wandering, and living life to the fullest, and they aim to encourage that lifestyle through their products.

    Currently, you’ll find Buri and Beach carries 100 percent straw handbags that are made of wild seagrass, pandan, and buri (which means palm leaf). Rick says the straw tote is a timeless statement that is perfect for the warm seasons while also remaining practical, stylish, and versatile.

    “Our bags are designed for the city or beach, and fall under three different styles: classic coastal, boho, and minimalist,” he explains. “The colors of our bags range from neutrals to bright, all over patterns.”

    Cookie Jo and Rick Jardiolin, co-founders of Buri & Burch

    Cookie Jo says that what makes Buri and Beach pieces so unique is the connection to the straw bag history in the Philippines, which are an expression of art and culture. “The Philippines is said to be one of the birthplaces of straw handbags with each region producing unique products,” she says. “We are proud to work with artisans who use indigenous techniques to weave the bags from wild seagrass and buri.”

    At Buri and Beach, every step of the production process is done by hand, starting with the gathering of the raw materials to the weaving of the bag.

    “The bags are made in weaving co-ops run by women for women,” adds Rick. “Weaving is their lifestyle, socializing together and weaving.”

    Price points for Buri and Beach bags range from $69 to $98, and the purchase of a bag directly supports the women weavers and their community who are still recovering from the 2013 typhoon that killed 6,300 people and caused $4.5 billion in damage.

    Cookie Jo says the Buri and Beach website launched in January, helping to expand the brand’s reach. She says that she and Rick will continue working with partners who share the same mission as Buri and Beach while expanding offerings in other categories and collaborating on unique items.

    To learn more about Buri and Beach, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To see the pieces yourself, check them out at Cincy Chic’s Eco Chic Fashion Show on March 23. “We will be showing our newest collection on the runway,” adds Cookie Jo.

    To save 15 percent off your next purchase and receive free shipping, visit the Buri and Beach website.