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    Lindsey Estes grew up in her father’s machine shop. From the time she was a young girl, she’s been amazed by mathematical equations, precision cuts, and raw smells created by the magnificent machines.


    “With my love for linear design and symmetrical detail, I took my knowledge for machining and my love for functional and natural design to create my own niche of wood cuts, specialized wedding décor and gifts and unique accessories,” explains Estes, owner of Lucca Laser Workshop.


    Lucca Laser Workshop has been a dream in the making for Estes since she was a little girl. “I had a journal I would write in as a girl that asked a question every day,” she explains, recalling a time that it asked about her future career aspirations. “During the summer of 1998 I wrote, ‘I want to be an artist, and I want to own a store.’”


    She says since the moment she landed her first real job on the laser machine in high school, she knew she wanted to delve into machinery. “The year I purchased my first machine, I instantly landed on my feet and hit the ground running,” Estes explains. “The energy I put in is the energy I receive in return, and every day is a brand new adventure and obstacle that, with perseverance and a strong support system, I learn to overcome and conquer.”


    Although Estes has been producing pieces for years, her first brick-and-mortar store will open on Main Street in Over the Rhine in January 2015. The space, which is currently occupied by Steamwhistle Press, will house a workshop and retail space.


    For years, Estes’ creations have been catching the eye of shoppers on Etsy, the popular online marketplace featuring homemade and vintage items, art and supplies. “Etsy has been a wonderful outlet for my work,” she says. “It’s been an extraordinary learning experience for how it works in the real world.” From competition, maintaining inventory, orders, e-mails and experiences while also forcing herself to only accept the best work from herself, she says it’s been a great learning experience. “Your daily effort put in is a direct reflection on what you will receive in return,” she adds.


    Estes was recently featured on the “Best of Etsy Wedding” page in which she used eye-catching photography, descriptive keywords and attentive and caring customer service. “With currently updating pictures and descriptions, I quickly made it to the ‘best of’ in the Huffington Post and have since been picked up by many retailers around the country and also in Australia, Japan and Czechoslovakia,” Estes says.


    It’s more than just selling products for Estes, though. She also wants to help others realize their skills. “To give back to the community, I plan to begin with a new internship called ‘Work + Shop’ that allows a few students and designers to find a unique experience by diving into the event planning world of laser design,” says Estes.


    In addition to starting a new internship program, Estes has been working with Music Hall and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to create unique merchandise that helps support and fund the orchestra. For Christmas 2014, Estes is donating a portion of her proceeds from a large order of Music Hall-themed greeting cards to the Save Our Icons fund. She’s also working with the Lumenocity team at Brave Berlin.


    Opening Lucca Laser Workshop is not only allowing Estes to realize her dreams of being a shop owner, but it’s also making her even more grateful for her father. “My biggest thanks, hands down, goes to my father,” she says. “My father raised me on the power of entrepreneurship, precision design and love for the constant search of knowledge and expansion. He taught me to never ignore my instinct or deny and idea or design no matter how simple, obscure or difficult.”


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