Mama Bird and Co.

Mama Bird and Co.

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    Freshen up your space in the new year with a custom piece from this local, woman-owned design business! Learn more about her crafty background and the innovative pieces that help with everything from keeping you organized with custom chalkboards to promoting your business with hand-lettered signs.


    Gabrielle Larkin, Founder of Mama Bird and Co.

    Gabrielle Larkin has always had a knack for crafts. She’s also someone who has always enjoyed learning new skills.

    She combined her love for creating and for learning new things and put them into a business called Mama Bird and Co., a design and crafting company that creates anything customers want.

    “We create custom chalkboards, mobiles, blankets, home decor, hand-lettered restaurant menus, and so much more,” says Larkin.

    She says she was inspired to launch Mama Bird and Co. after she had her second son and was in search of a way to be able to stay at home but still have a creative outlet that allowed her to support her family.

    Larkin says that she loves being able to make things that people can enjoy in their homes and their daily lives. That means when she has a customer approach her that wants a custom piece but she isn’t quite sure how to make it, Larkin will do what she needs to in order to learn how produce that quality piece for them in a timely manner.

    “I pride myself on being able to learn new skills correctly,” she adds.


    Her favorite pieces to make are things for children and home decor. “Anything that is personal to the customer and has a significance is always very special for me to be a part of creating,” Larkin says.

    Items from Mama Bird and Co. range from $25 to $100 on average, however the price can depend on the size of the project, how long it will take to complete it, and what materials are needed.

    Larkin also ensures that customers who order from Mama Bird and Co. are satisfied with the end result of their piece. “Everything I do is custom and I work closely and personally with each customer to make sure that their vision is executed,” she adds.

    When it comes to the New Year, Larkin says that she’s looking forward to the new requests she’ll receive from customers as she continues to build her brand and expand the number of people she reaches.

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