Market Bleu

Market Bleu

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    A local duo is bringing artisans together to showcase their handcrafted artwork. Read on to learn more about a new quarterly market that's bringing a buzz to the city and shoppers to local businesses -- all with the Contemporary Arts Center as a beautiful backdrop.

    Market Bleu is a new quarterly event coming to the Contemporary Arts Center this year.

    Four times a year Elizabeth Kalinsky and Matthew Frantz will host Market Bleu, an event that features handcrafted products and fine arts.

    “Market Bleu allows artisans to showcase and sell their work in the opulent settings of the Contemporary Arts Center, located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati,” explains Frantz.

    Frantz and Kalinsky are artisans. They also believe in the importance of a space in the city that allows artists to showcase their work. And that’s the inspiration behind Market Bleu.

    “We are both artisans and understand the need for an arts and event venue in Cincinnati that captures the edge of art culture, in its raw form, we want to see works that are true of the artist, all their own,” adds Frantz.

    Kalinsky is a textiles artist specializing in natural dyes with an emphasis on indigo. She has has studied and mastered some of the age-old Shibori dyeing techniques that she incorporates in her products. She has a professional background in graphic design and fashion merchandising. Frantz, meanwhile, is an emerging wood sculptor who operates an urban forestry firm as an ISA Certified Arborist, where he sources his reclaimed materials.  With an interdisciplinary background in neuroscience, ethnobotany, and shamanism, he draws from a unique palette of inspiration in his approach.

    Market Bleu showcases local, regional, and national artwork at its events. “We showcase artwork from screen printers, graphic designers, ceramic artists, clay and wood sculptors, jewelry makers, fashion designers, textile artists, etc.,” says Frantz. “We also encourage culinary artisans and products.”

    This collaboration of artisans at Market Bleu is also what helps to make the events unique and offer guests an experience unlike any other.

    “We are creating an experience that captures the attention of the many discerning intellectuals in this growing city,” says Frantz. “we are creating a venue for artists and giving an experience that shares the awe and beauty of the Contemporary Arts Center.”

    The market also uses a night market format, on Saturday evenings, when the city will already be buzzing with people who are out exploring the city. 

    While Market Bleu is still new, Frantz says that they are excited to share the market each quarter as the seasons change. 

    “We anticipate a growing interest in a juried and curated marketplace for emerging and well-known artists and artisans,” adds Frantz.

    The next Market Bleu event will be held April 21 from 6-10 pm. The Summer Quarter event is scheduled for July 14, Fall Quarter for September 29, and Winter Quarter for December 1. All of the events are held at the Contemporary Arts Center at 44 East 6th Street in Cincinnati.

    Artists who are interested in the quarterly markets can apply at

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