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    Northern Kentucky no longer hides in Cincinnati’s shadows. “The number of visitors to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in recent years has grown exponentially, and with the help of the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, people are getting to see just how much there is to do in the area,” says Julie Kirkpatrick, Director of Sales at the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We’re helping Northern Kentucky grow, especially since one in 10 jobs in the area is supported through the tourism industry.”


    According to Kirkpatrick, a study commission by the bureau in conjunction with the Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as the Regional Tourism Network found that without the program, each tax payer would end up paying approximately $600 more per year in taxes. “So the better we do our jobs, the more conventions and visitors we can influence to come to our area, the less Northern Kentucky residents have to pay in taxes,” she explains. “I think that’s a huge benefit.”


    In an effort to increase awareness of all there is to do in the area, the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau launched a new “MeetNKY” campaign. “The rebranding is built around the excitement of being on the edge of the Midwest and at the beginning of the south,” Kirkpatrick explains. “It is based on our identity of being Kentucky Proud and inviting as many people as we can to ‘meet’ us again, but to also take advantage of all the unique venues we have in the our area to hold meetings and events.”

    The Northern Kentucky Conventions and Visitors Bureau is
     encouraging residents and tourists to explore all that
    the area has to offer.

    One of the things Kirkpatrick loves most about her job is connecting people who have fallen in love with everything the region has to offer. “From scenic views overlooking the mighty Ohio River to the historic charm and chic urban vibe you’ll find in MainStrasse Village, there’s so much to enjoy when you spend time in Northern Kentucky,” she adds. “The great thing about our social media outreach is that it reminds our locals of all the wonderful and unique things about Northern Kentucky. The people that live in our area can be powerful partners in helping convince other organizations and groups to come to the area, which helps strengthen our region economically.”


    Kirkpatrick says the area has many new offerings to encourage people near and far to visit. “The things we are most excited about this year are the opening of the New Riff Distillery on our riverfront, the announcement about the Ark Encounter in our southern area and the revitalization of our riverfront with an 11.5 mile walking and bike path that will be called Riverfront Commons to connect all three of the Northern Kentucky counties,” she explains. Plus, in 2015, Cincinnati will play host to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which Kirkpatrick says will benefit the entire region.


    “I’d love for readers to join in on the conversation about the region by adding #MeetNKY to your social media posts,” Kirkpatrick says. “This will allow the bureau to share images, adventures, stories and memories of Northern Kentucky on our social media channels. We want to inspire others to MeetNKY.”


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