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My Flower Service

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    Love flowers but not the work that goes into them? Read on as we chat with the owner of a blossoming local flower service that can take your home or office from drab to fab, and can even “flower bomb” a mailbox as a gift or surprise!

    Shannon Adams has more than a decade in the horticulture industry. As someone who is inspired by flowers and the joy they bring to your lives, she launched her own business called My Flower Service in 2008.

    “My Flower Service is a company that specializes in seasonal curb appeal through the use of seasonal and annual flowers,” explains Adams. “We offer to plan and maintain your window boxes, container gardens, and floral bedding locations.”

    With a degree from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Applied Science, Adams, as well as her team of professionals, work with clients to provide high-quality customer service and build long-lasting relationships.

    “We pride ourselves on the appearance and beauty of your flower scheme, and look for the relationship to grow in its intended manner as it is a reflection of our effort and the service we provide,” she adds.

    Adams contributes her company’s uniqueness to the quality products she uses.

    “My Flower Service uses the highest quality plant and flower material available,” she explains. “The growers that we work with produce award winning, proven selections of flowers and materials. Our knowledgeable staff understands proper placement of flowers, their culture, and growth habits as well as sun and environmental requirements.”

    Due to their knowledge of the flower and horticulture industry, Adams and her staff are able to make a difference when it comes to the finished product of a customer’s selected services.

    “Our goal is to maximize the potential of each flower and planting scheme as that particular season progresses,” she adds.

    The staff at My Flower Service is also comprised of creative and artistic individuals that not only know the horticulture industry, but are talented with design and color schemes.

    Mailbox bombing

    With over four decades of combined experience in the industry, Adams and her team offer services such as planting, maintenance, design and installation, window boxes and supplies, irrigation, and even a fun surprise called a Mailbox Bomb.

    “Mailbox bombing is a creative way to surprise a friend, family member, or neighbor,” says Adams. “Let us know what theme you’d like and when we might be able to sneak over. When they find their mailbox bedazzled, they’ll both be pleased and puzzled. The special decor will put a smile on their face for weeks to come.”

    Adams says that mailbox bombing is perfect for all occasions including Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, birthdays, and Christmas.

    As for the other services offered by Adams and My Flower Service, you’ll find that she and her team can do all the work for you.

    My Flower Service will plant seasonal flowers in your selected window boxes or container gardens. “At the start of each new season, My Flower Service will revisit your home or office and swap out the previous flower display with a new seasonal planting appropriate for the time of year and temperature,” says Adams.

    The team knows that maintaining flowers is time consuming and can be hard to stay on top of. That’s why they offer maintenance services such as fertilization, deer and pest control, and pruning techniques. They can also help with watering during the week or while you’re gone on vacation.

    Not everyone has a knack for designing and installing flowers, so My Flower Service will help you with the appropriate style and selection of window boxes or container gardens to enhance the look of your home or office. “Our team will hep install and mount window boxes to your building, and we will help deliver and place container gardens,” she adds.

    Don’t have a window box? My Flower Service sells window boxes, planters, and irrigation supplies so that your perfect garden can be built from the ground up. “We’ll see every aspect of the project through from start to finish,” she adds.

    Adams says that My Flower Service is aiming to do more branding for commercial customers in 2018, by displaying logos and companies with florals.

    My Flower Service is located in the Village of Newtown, at 6805 Main Street. You can learn more at or “like” them on Facebook.