New Knickers

New Knickers

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    There's a fresh new face behind a longtime Cincinnati retailer. Read on as we chat with the new owner of Knicker's of Hyde Park to see how she plans to make the store blossom this Spring while honoring two decades of roots in the community.

    There’s a new face behind Knickers of Hyde Park: Courtney Barnhart. After 20 years in the business, Knickers of Hyde Park Founder Jenalyn Schneider announced in February that she would be stepping aside and retiring. 

    “It has been pure joy for me over these past 20 years to meet so many lovely customers who have supported our store,” Schneider said on the store’s Facebook page. “Thank you so very much for shopping with us, as we would not be here without you. I will miss you but know you’ll be in great care.”

    Now, with Barnhart in charge, she says she’s excited to jump right in and meet all of the store’s customers. 

    Barnhart steps into Schneider’s shoes with an extensive background in retail. When she took over the store, she not only purchased the business itself but the building that houses it. In addition, all of the employees who work at the store are staying there to continue the history of Knickers of Hyde Park. 

    “Knickers being all about women is huge – it casts a much deeper net than the retail environments I’ve been in before,” Barnhart says. “There was a huge draw, it’s a need a lot of women have, and the store does a beautiful job in having that product and the knowledgeable employees to help them.”

    With new ownership often comes new changes, and Knickers of Hyde Park will see new things coming their way. Barnhart says she plans to bring new lines to the store while also updating the store’s interior with a new color palette, a new mix of vendors, and a new emphasis on loungewear and athleisure apparel – all of which she expects to implement this spring. 

    One thing that won’t be changing at Knickers of Hyde Park is its desire to offer women a space that makes them feel unique, comfortable, sexy, and offers a special lingerie shopping experience. 

    Knickers of Hyde Park is located at 2726 Erie Avenue in Cincinnati. Their hours are Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

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