New Year, New You

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    Paul Mitchell the School Cincinnati is not only helping women to revamp their look and style while making an impact on the community, but they’re also improving careers for hundreds of students.


    “We help individuals realize their artistic dreams and reach their goals,” explains admissions leader Christina Matthews. “Whether you choose to create fashion behind a chair in the salon, own your own salon or spa business, or opt for the excitement of a career in fashion, feature film, television or product education, Paul Mitchell the School Cincinnati will help you reach your artistic, technical and lifestyle goals.”


    Courses at Paul Mitchell focus on the most current trends, technology and techniques to ensure that graduates leave with all they need to achieve their dream career, Matthew adds. Accredited programs at Paul Mitchell include cosmetology training and cosmetology manager training. “Future Professionals,” which students are called at the school, are given all of the essential skills and knowledge they’ll need to become a licensed cosmetology in the state of Ohio. “The training features design, cutting, coloring, multicultural techniques, makeup, fashion trends, manicuring, pedicuring, basic facials and the art of hairdressings in a three-phase program we call Core, Adaptive and Creative,” Matthews explains.


    The school, a 10,000 square foot freestanding building in Sharonville, welcomes clients to enjoy services by their students at lower prices than many local salons. Plus, according to Matthews, the school volunteers its time, culture and technical skills to at least two events each month where they offer complimentary tips and tricks, as well as mini-salon/spa services to attendees. One of those events is “New Year, New You” at the Elements Event and Conference Centre in Sharonville on Jan. 24. Click here to learn more and RSVP.


    At the “New Year, New You” event, Matthews says, they’ll be providing services to attendees as well as styling the fashion show models’ hair and make up. On the runway, Matthews says you’ll see many 1970’s hairstyles, which are back by popular demand. So, if the new year has you itching to try a new style, it’s a good idea to keep some of these on your radar:


    The “Farrah Fawcett” – Women across America sought after her “flippy curled” look, dashing to the salon for her coveted long shag cut. To get her bodacious curls go for a thicker, feathered fringe, pump up the volume with a blow-dryer and round brush, curl your layers up and out and spritz with Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray.


    The “Afro” – For a far-out style that can be worn both by groovy men and righteous ladies, you should go with the fro. If you got yourself a curly set of locks, achieve this look with moisturizing products and a wide teeth comb to fluff and beautify your new ‘do.


    The “Shag” – This multi-layered haircut was characterized by choppy volume and sassy, feathered ends. Just like the fro, this shagadelic cut was worn by both guys and gals, and is still a popular look today.


    The “Long & Straight” – Unlike the shaggy hairstyles of the 1970s, the stick-straight, long-locked look was layer-free, and worn with a simple center part or fringe. To achieve the highest honor of 70s-sleek hair, use a pump of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum before styling for a smooth, shiny and frizz-free look.


    The “#1 News Anchor” – Breaking News! For only the finest London gentlemen, and a quaff so unrivaled it could only be sculpted by the hands of Michelangelo, Ron Burgundy’s blue-ribbon locks encompass the look dozens of aspiring anchormen would sacrifice their best suit for. Whether he’s using the Tea Tree Shaping Cream, or has been blessed by Zeus himself, we don’t know how to put this, but he’s kind of a big deal. Exceptionally combed and insured by the Lloyd’s of London for $1,500, Ron’s hair isn’t just a top-notch haircut, but a beacon for all barbers, everywhere.


    Paul Mitchell, as a brand, is also environmentally aware. “We offer eco-friendly products via the Green Team who believes that simple changes can affect the community and planet in a powerful way,” Matthews says. “The school is taking several steps to reduce their carbon footprint, including the Green Team, who helps schools and local communities find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

    A portion of every student’s technical kit is donated to the American Forest Global ReLeaf Program to help replace trees in the United States, Matthews adds. In addition, a portion of all sales of the Tea Tree products go to the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf and Wildfire ReLeaf programs. Plus, Paul Mitchell uses reusable posters and digitally-distributed presentations in classrooms to avoid excessive paper usage and share the school’s awareness about reducing, reusing and recycling.


    In 2014, Matthews says, the Paul Mitchell the School Cincinnati will be even more committed to the environment, and also the local community. “We’re always trying to find different ways to raise the bar and offer free hair and make up services for events within our city,” she adds. “Our culture here is to better those around us and there to help improve the technical and professionals skills needed to be a great success and asset to the beauty industry.”