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    Katie Bunschoten always knew she wanted to start a business. She also knew she wanted to launch a concept that she would be passionate about, and that her husband – an IT guru – could eventually join her as a business partner.


    Bunschoten has a background in corporate accounting and saw a niche need for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. So, she launched KHBOffice Ltd. Co. in 2012, based on a concerted focus on integrated applications and accounting data-solutions for micro-businesses. “I wanted to expand beyond the traditional isolated one-man shop premise that is the norm in bookkeeping while also integrating continuing education and a forward-thinking culture,” she explains.


    And expand is exactly what Bunschoten’s business did. Bunschoten’s company has grown from a humble husband-wife team to a booming business that’s been adding a new team member every 1 to 2 months for the last 6 months, which is far exceeding Bunschoten’s initial goals.


    “We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support network we have, and we also know how important it is for a client to have strong data to base decisions on,” Bunschoten says. “Through our training services, we build a new client’s confidence in their business direction and reports.”


    Today, the team at KHB Office is made up of a dynamic group of bookkeepers and accountants while Bunschoten serves as the CEO. When she started her career in corporate accounting, she eventually transitioned to working for a start-up business where she discovered the opportunity to apply her foundation to small business owners where she could combine strong customer service and bookkeeping services with an emphasis on utilizing technology in an effective way.


    “We work to provide scalable accounting services solutions to companies that are growing but don’t yet have the resources to have an in-house accounting department,” explains Bunschoten,” or else are looking for someone experienced to work with their staff bookkeeper in order to established their bookkeeping processes and to implement new accounting software.”


    Bunschoten credits a big boost in her business accumen to the Bad Girls Ventures (BGV) program, in which she participated shortly after launching KHB Office in 2012. “I’d always wanted to start a small business, but had lacked a real avenue to get it kicked off with any sort of steam,” she says. “After seeing the impact BGV made with my employer and in speaking with my SCORE advisors, I went ahead and applied, not really expected to make it in.”


    In the few short years since participating in the BGV program, KHB Office is stronger than ever, Bunschoten says. But it’s not all about profit. “The team at KHB Office believes in giving back and being a business clients can depend on,” Bunschoten explains. “In 2012, we completed more than 250 hours in pro bono services for local non-profits.”


    For Bunschoten and her team, it’s the day-to-day client wins and successes that make her team really enjoy their work as well as the opportunity to help other small businesses grow through doing what she and her team have a passion for. “We’re number geeks and we love it,” she adds.


    Currently, KHB Office offers bookkeeping and accounting implementation services to small and micro businesses. The company is also in a solution provider partnership with Intuit, which means KHB Office can help businesses with purchasing and setting up QuickBooks accounting and point-of-sale software, payroll solutions and merchant services. In addition, KHB Office trains in-house bookkeepers and small business owners on QuickBooks software and bookkeeping and plans to offer group seminars and study groups later in the year.


    As for the future, Bunschoten says there are a few potential projects in the works and they are currently keeping an eye out in the software development space. “I think there is a lot of growth potential for well-design applications that do truly integrate with existing applications such as QuickBooks without compromise,” she explains. “And with more attention and growth in this area we see a lot of promise and opportunity to eventually build great applications to help our clients.”


    Bunschoten says she’s looking to expand the current KHB Office team to strategically grow the business while also staying focused on their core mission and providing great service. “We’re evaluating new markets and are planning to enter more of these markets in the coming months,” Bunschoten says.


    To learn more about KHB Office, visit www.khboffice.com or call the office at 859-568-1822. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter.