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    In wanting to improve the meals they made for their families, two local ladies were inspired to do the same thing for the community. Keep reading to learn more about their paleo catering and food delivery services as well as their new granola line.

    Paleolicious Cincy is a catering and food delivery service dedicated to bringing you the healthiest foods.
    Paleolicious Cincy is a catering and food delivery service dedicated to bringing you the healthiest foods.

    Processed foods filled with hormones, trans fats and all the other “stuff” that can lead to diseases such as diabetes and high-blood pressure is everywhere. Actually, it almost seems like it’s impossible to avoid it, which can leave you feeling a little worried about what you’re putting in the bodies of your loved ones, especially your little ones.

    After leaving corporate retail careers last February and searching for what their next move would be, Rebecca Denney and Shanan Grisson talking about their shared concern over what they’d been feeding their families as busy working moms. “If our food supply is without issues, why is there so much obesity, diabetes, etc?” says Denney.

    Coming from a family of cooks, Denney says she never ate anything processed in her mother’s house. “We made pies from berries we picked and crusts we made with our own two hands,” she explains.


    This love of good-for-you food encouraged Denney and her partner Grisson to launch Paleolicious Cincy, a catering and food delivery service in February 2014. “We began cooking and testing recipes and filled three notebooks of tested and often rejected recipes before we had our first job in September,” says Denney. “We premiered at Applefest in Lebanon and sold out of product that day!”

    Since then, Denney says that things at Paleolicious Cincy have been progressing at a nice, steady pace as they continue to fill up their calendar with exciting events.

    Denney’s background comes from a long career in guest service and restaurants. She says she worked for a short spell as an assistant catering director at the University of Cincinnati before she launched her first catering company at age 25.

    “I then finished my degree at Miami University and worked as an Executive at Target for 1o years before returning to my true passion and forming Paleolicious,” says Denney.

    Grisson, who is the Co-Founder of Paleolicious, also graduated from Miami University. She worked as a designer for Lowe’s before helping to launch Paleolicious. Denney says Grisson is just as passionate about food as she is.

    Marketing Director and Denney’s sister Kelly Kidd brings plenty of great ideas to the table for the ladies behind Paleolicious Cincy while Rob Caper helps out with graphic design.

    Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up sweet treats. Paleolicious Cincy offers plenty of delectable food that doesn’t cross the unhealthy line.

    At Paleolicious Cincy, they’re all about catering events, providing office lunches, boxed lunches and dinner deliveries that are made with fresh, local, clean ingredients that you can feet great about eating. “We are not only looking for those who follow the Paleo diet, but also those who just want to know the answer to questions like ‘What can I feed my family today that I don’t have to feel guilty about? How should I design an eating plan for myself that does not feel like a diet?”

    Denney says those were the same questions she and Gisson asked themselves while they each worked as many as 60 hours a week, so they understand your concerns. While Paleolicious Cincy isn’t perfectly Paleo, they are sticking to the solution: Just eat real food.

    Currently, Paleolicious Cincy is offering a lunch sampler menu for businesses who try them out for the first time. This is $10 per person. They also offer a Paleo and gluten-free breakfast sampler for $8 per person. Other events are designed with clients to fit diet and budget requests.

    Dinner delivery from Paleolicious Cincy ranges from $55 to $90 for fully-prepared meals delivered to your door using their premium ingredients. Denney says that they also sell Paleo granola in a few places around town such as Celebrate Local and Triple Moon Coffee Company. “We are finalizing the details of selling at the local yocal and also Madson’s in Over-the-Rhine,” she adds. The jars of granola are priced at $9 and $15.

    Denney says they’ve just launched a new line of granola, called Paleolicious Queen City Granola. It’s made with a Paleo-salted caramel and cacao nibs from maverick chocolate in Over-the-Rhine. They’ve also got some Kroeger and Sons nitrate-free bacon they purchased from Findlay Market. “One is bacon with dried blueberries and the other is bacon and dried bananas,” says Denney. “It’s like blueberry or banana pancakes and bacon with maple syrup and spices. We cannot make it fast enough!”

    Paleolicious Cincy is teaming up with Paleo and Primal Sweets for the upcoming wedding season. They’ll offer services to Cincinnati brides who are looking for clean and delicious food and sweets for their weddings. “We feel this is going to be an amazing collaboration,” says Denney.

    In 2016 you can expect to see Paleolicious Cincy at some upcoming events with Cincy Chic, where Denney says they’re excited to meet and mingle with readers.

    To learn more about Paleolicious Cincy, follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out their website or send them an email.