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Platform 53

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    With work-from-home jobs on the rise, the home office can be a lonely and uninspiring place. That’s why Stacy Kessler launched Platform 53, a coworking space that’s bringing those in the Tri-State inspiration, networking and the chance for collaboration. Keep reading for more.

    Stacy Kessler, Founder of the coworking space Platform 53

    Coworking is becoming an increasingly popular trend. As Stacy Kessler of Platform 53 explains: A coworking space is a shared workspace where a diverse community of independent and remote workers, who normally work in isolating situations, come together to work alongside one another.

    In Cincinnati, there’s Platform 53, which Kessler says is a creative meeting space available at affordable prices for remote work groups, community organizations or companies who need to get out of their boring offices every once in awhile.

    “Platform 53 is on a mission to revolutionize the way we work and engage with others,” she explains. “We provide not only shared work and meeting space, but a platform for freelancers, entrepreneurs and telecommuters to share ideas, connect with others, get inspired, learn, support each other and collaborate.”

    She says that while the industry calls it coworking, she refers to it as awesome.

    Kessler is the entrepreneur, independent worker, customer advocate and create change agent behind Platform 53. Her background in market research and brand strategy, which she still does independent consulting for, and interest in shared workspace combines her passions for building community, creating innovative spaces and helping people pursue purpose-driven and passion-driven work.

    “I’m highly driven by purpose, experience, community and change, and I’ve been told more than a few times that I am a very passionate person with an entrepreneurial outlook on life,” says Kessler. “I thrive on using business for good, exploring and creating the new and advocating for amazing customer experiences.”

    In fact, Kessler is the individual behind the Student Business Incubator for student entrepreneurs at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, which she created while she was in college there.

    After college, Kessler ended up at Procter & Gamble, and while she was there she volunteers to help with the work group’s annual employee satisfaction survey. “I learned a lot about how our work environment and community culture was impacting the work we were doing and the happiness of my co-workers,” she explains. “It got me really interested in exploring ways to create a better work environment.”

    It was following that realization that she decided to leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and independent worker.

    “When I had an office, I loved getting to work from home,” she adds. “However, once I found myself working from home every day, I realized there were certain aspects of the office that I missed.”

    Of those things, it was being around her co-workers. Being a work-from-home employee can be an isolating experience that leaves you feeling rather uncreative. As a result, Kessler decided to surround herself with a community of people who were doing their own projects but were still in search of ways to not only work in the presence of others but to share ideas as well.

    Kessler opened the doors of Platform 53 in MainStrasse Village in Covington just over a year ago, although the coworking space existed long before that as the group would travel around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky doing pop-up coworking events to help bring this new way of working to others while testing and learning about the best way to accomplish their goals.

    Through Platform 53, Kessler hopes to help underserved work groups thrive. “With our first space in Covington, we wanted to focus on helping the isolated independent worker,” she says. “We were just like these people and it was as much a business as it was a solution for situation as well.”

    She hopes Platform 53 will become a community for people so that they can do their best work. Although they’re still learning, growing and experimenting, Kessler says she’s already been able to see the impact Platform 53 has had on those who work there.

    “For some, it’s one of those things you don’t know you need until you have it,” she adds. “We want to be a flexible solution for workers no matter their situation, that’s why we have a variety of membership options, all month-to-month, so they work for you no matter your circumstance.”

    Kessler says that some upcoming opportunities may be on the horizon for Platform 53. “We realize that there are a lot of work groups out there that we aren’t able to serve with our current coworking setup,” she says. “For example, the inspiration for our Meeting Room Memberships was independent consultants that meet with a lot of clients, and remote work groups like startups.”

    In order to better serve these groups, Kessler hopes to be able to offer a bigger space with more hours available for reservation each month, although there’s no guarantee as of right now.

    To learn more about Platform 53, to see what coworking looks like, to meet some of the members and to check out details about the memberships available, visit You can also learn more about Kessler by clicking here.