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Purposefully Restored

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    One local mom created a chore chart to keep her house and busy family of six organized, which forever changed her life for the better. See how it inspired her to launch what’s now a thriving business, taking her to local markets, boutique shows, and a new brick-and-mortar location, offering art classes, DIY nights, and so much more. Read on for all the artsy details.


    Tabitha McClung and her husband, Todd, owners of Purposefully Restored.

    It’s not too often that you hear of chores turning you toward your passion. For Tabitha McClung, her business Purposefully Restored started with a chore chart back in 2014.

    McClung, who has four children with her husband and Purposefully Restored co-owner Tom, admits that when you have a house full of children you can always be a little more organized.

    “I posted the finished chore chart on social media – you know, a mom-pride moment,” says McClung. “My friends loved it and several people asked me to make one, or something similar, for their home.”

    From there, McClung began search everywhere for old frames that she could turn into something amazing for her friends and family. From there, those chore charts grew into calendars, memo boards, menus, art pieces, and so much more.

    Today, Purposefully Restored is a small, handmade business she McClung and her husband run together. “We offer upcycled home decor, custom planning and organizational pieces, eco-friendly chalk paints and waxes, hand-screened apparel, and custom gifts,” says McClung.

    McClung uses a green approach to her business, and it’s something she enjoys. “I love taking something ugly and discarded, and turning it into something truly beautiful and useful again,” she says.

    Shortly after launching Purposefully Restored, McClung got so busy that she had to have her husband join her one-lady team in order to keep up with demand.

    McClung will soon open her own brick-and-mortar location at McHarper Manor.

    Now, they’re doing local shows, have an Etsy store, and over the last 3.5 years she’s been able to expand her offerings to include much more than just chore charts in old frames to include organizational pieces, fun art, home decor, gifts, and even her own line of eco-friendly chalk paints and waxes.

    “Most recently, we started ‘Rags & Co.’ and have had huge success with screen printing some of our designs on apparel,” says McClung. “Our ‘Drink Local – Brewery Map’ t-shirt has been a huge hit and includes all 33 of the licensed breweries in the Greater Cincinnati area.”

    McClung says that her family item from her store is the family calendar. “I know how useful it is for our family, and I love making something that will be used by my customer every single day for years to come,” she adds.

    It isn’t just its upcycling that makes Purposefully Restored unique. Every piece the store sells is handmade and thoughtful, according to McClung.

    “In my life, I don’t have a lot of space for ‘things,’ says McClung. “With four kids and a busy family, clutter builds quickly around here. I like to offer something that people can find useful and beautiful. If you can make it personal and multi-purpose, you’ve knocked it out of the park!”

    Find unique gifts and upcycled home decor products from Purposefully Restored.

    Price points for items from Purposefully Restored range from $40 to family calendars and organizational pieces to $25 for adult hand-screened tees and tanks and $20 for kids’ clothing.

    With over three years of business under their belts, the McClungs are focusing on continued growth and will continue to be available on both Etsy and at local markets including the City Flea, O.F.F. Market, and boutique shows. McClung says Purposefully Restored will have a permanent location located inside McHarper Manor in Milford.

    As someone who has been teaching art since she was 17, McClung says she’s excited to be opening McHarper Manor, a place for art classes, craft parties, DIY nights, themed birthday parties, showers, and private events with items from Purposefully Restored available for purchase in the front section of the studio.

    To learn more about Purposefully Restore, visit their Etsy shop, follow along on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the McHarpor Manor website.