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Queen City Vignette

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011215FEATURE1Two local ladies turned their passion for vintage furnishings into a new business. From mid-century quirky and French Quarter color to farmhouse chic, see how their vintage event rentals and styling for weddings, parties, and events can set the scene for your celebration with a flair of vintage fashion.

The romance of vintage furniture wooed Amber Zaragoza and Emma Durham to start their own business – Queen City Vignette, or “Vignette” for short. For them, it’s about the details, lines, texture, imperfections and implied stories that come along with each piece.

How do the ladies behind Queen City Vignette create their own story? They rent out their vintage furnishings to clients so they can share the love for their pieces without 011215FEATURE2letting them go forever. In addition, Zaragoza says, they provide the vintage atmosphere and details that clients are looking for at well-under retail price.”Hunting for vintage furniture is like people watching: you get to create your own narrative,” says Zaragoza.

Queen City Vignette offers vintage furniture, furnishings, accessoriesand styling and craft services for weddings, photo shoots and other special events. “We work out of an industrial, natural-light studio, and our home is your home,” explains Zaragoza.011215FEATURE3

They know the struggle that comes along with searching for vintage furniture and the time spent searching through antique stores, auctions or Craigslist to find the perfect pieces. They also understand that at the conclusion of your event you may not need the furniture any longer, which leaves you searching for a new home for the items you’ve already spent so much time searching for in the first place.Their textural, industrial loft studio is also available for rent for video and photo shoots on a daily or hourly basis, in addition to all of the vintage props and furniture they own. “We pride ourselves on offering an easy, stress-free way to have pieces full of history and romance at a client’s video or photo shoot,” Zaragoza explains.011215FEATURE4

While the dynamic duo work out of their studio in Camp Washington, they say their pieces are available for events all over Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. “Our motto is ‘have vintage, will travel,'” laughs Zaragoza.”We take all of that hassle away,” says Zaragoza. “Do you want something specific for your event that we don’t offer yet? We’ll go hunting for it! We are in the process of building our inventory, so we are very receptive to special requests from our clients.”

The ladies of Queen City Vignette draw from their passion for furniture and décor, and also their formal training and artist backgrounds. Zaragoza says they like to arrange rooms like installation art and style tables like they’re still-life paintings.

011215FEATURE5In addition to their collaborative teamwork, Zaragoza and Durham are in love with what they do. Despite the splinters, smashed fingers, stubbed toes, surprise spiders and storage dust that accompanies the thrill of every find, they are always taken aback by the final beauty of a product. “The moment when a client says ‘Yes! That’s the one!'” Zaragoza says, “That gives us some of the best feelings in the world.””We work as a team, so we also bring diverse interest and taste to any project,” explains Zaragoza. “Emma has a naturally more feminine eye while my taste leans toward the crisp lines of Art Deco and Midcentury pieces. This brings a natural tension and balance to our approach, and that keeps things interesting.”

011215FEATURE6Zaragoza says the duo has the most fun on Instagram, but you can also check out their website and blog at www.queencityvignette.com to learn more about them or contact them to add a vi

ntage touch to your next event. Since launching in November 2014, Queen City Vignette has worked with photographers, videographers and stylists. They will be launching their wedding offerings this year, for which they have mix-and-match themed china settings for up to 200 people, cake stands, centerpiece options and a variety of colored glass vases available in the spring. “We’re ready to dive into the deep end of party décor,” she says.

You can also “like” them on Facebook and follow on Pinterest, or stop by the studio for an in-person visit.