Raising the BARE

Raising the BARE

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    A local woman is launching a program and community to help women find pleasure in life again through a seven step program called the BARE method. Read on for all the inspiring details.

    Natasha Hazelton doesn’t want to encourage diets, detoxes, or cleanses. She wants to help women acknowledge their beauty both inside and out as a BARE Life Coach.

    Currently, Hazelton is training with Susan Hyatt, founder and author of the book “BARE” and the BARE method.

    “The BARE method is not a cleanse, detox, or diet,” explains Hazelton. “I will be helping women, especially moms, stop dieting and help them with their body image issues.”

    Hazelton says she’s the most passionate about helping women gain more confidence both in their bodies and in their lives.

    “In BARE, you will learn how to manage your emotions (stress, anxiety, boredom, etc.) without turning to food for comfort,” she says. “You’ll learn how to find sources of please and joy that aren’t food-related. You’ll learn how to respect your body and you’ll also learn how to tune into your body and follow your hunger signals, from feeling hungry to feeling full or satisfied.”

    The BARE method, according to Hazelton, is made up of seven steps that range from detoxing your environment to being seen and heard.

    Natasha Hazelton

    “One might think I am a weight loss coach, but I am not,” she adds. “I teach women to love the skin they are in and empower them to be who they are unapologetically.” 

    Confidence issues are one thing that drove Hazelton to pursue the BARE method and to become a coach-in-training. She says she’d always struggled with low confidence and her weight. 

    “While in the BARE program, I realized that I lacked pleasure in my life,” she says. “One of the main components behind BARE is pleasure. Susan says that it’s not more willpower that women need but more pleasure in our lives. And that was me as a new mom.”

    Hazelton says that once she acknowledged that she’d put her own pleasure and happiness to the side that she was able to take control of her life and her weight.

    Currently, Hazelton offers 1:1 coaching and in the fall will launched a group program based on the book “BARE.”

    Her coaching business focuses on moms who have lost their identity and aren’t quite sure how to find themselves again. “I help moms bring more pleasure and joy into their lives so they can be a better and more present mom,” she says. “I want to make ‘momming’ more fun and enjoyable.”

    Many of the blogs featured on Hazelton’s website feature ties to her own child and how she sees life from a different perspective as a mother.

    Hazelton plans to host a virtual BARE Book Club in mid-September or early October, where women can purchase the book and be led through the seven steps with support and coaching. There will also be a Facebook group available where participants can engage with her and others as well as the option of coaching on a group call while reviewing concepts in the book.

    To learn more, visit www.tashahazelton.com. There you’ll find information on coaching services and programs. You can also follow along on Facebook.