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    If you’re a business owner or author looking for direction and guidance, Revealing Words might be the answer. Ann Weber, the founder and president of Revealing Words, helps businesses and authors improve their communication skills by offering development, editing and publishing services.


    Weber says she collaborates with marketers and small businesses who want to work on establishing an effective communication plan as well as with writers who want to better connect with readers in their next published work.


    “Through my work, I make emotional connections for organizations and individuals seeking to make an impact and influence their intended audience,” she says.


    Ann Weber helps authors and businesses find their voice

    Weber believes that everyone has a story to share, and she helps them tell it in a compelling way. “I wanted small businesses and individual authors to be able to directly access an experienced communications resource,” she explains. “Sometimes the hardest part of telling a story is getting started, and I help clients move past that hurdle.”


    Weber describes herself as a highly experienced storytelling wordsmith. And while she’s the president of Revealing Words, a one-woman enterprise, she also works with outside contractors such as graphic designers.


    Revealing Words was launched in September 2012 and Weber says the first year and a half in business has been good to her. “I’ve been blessed to have a steady stream of business through referrals and repeat clients,” she explains.


    Listening to her clients and ensuring that their voice remains heard in a project is Weber’s ultimate goal. She says that whether it’s a promotional brochure or a non-fiction book, client feedback is what she treasures the most.


    A client’s testimonial attests to Weber’s work: “I turned to Ann for [my] project because I knew she was an expert at the technical aspects of writing/editing but also talented at maintaining voice and tone. I consider this to be Ann’s unique talent and offering.”


    Another testimonial says: “Ann is one of the most effective listeners I have ever encountered. She has a unique ability to see the big picture while understanding the tasks that are needed to bring the big picture to fruition. Ann is a strategic thinker and an involved team player.”


    Weber says one of her greatest accomplishments since launching her business was getting to edit “From the Jungle to the Boardroom,” by Mike Monahan, for which she also created a successful promotional campaign. As a result, the book sold nearly 11,000 copies the first week and was No. 1 on Inc. Magazine‘s bestseller list.


    Some of Weber’s most recent work includes marketing strategy, creating website and social media content as well as developing promotional materials for a national marketing company, a best-selling author, two accounting firms, a commercial cleaning company, a web and database design company, an IT firm, a national utility-vehicle distributor, a food services vendor and a health practitioner.


    Weber is currently working with four authors on nonfiction books that will be published this year. She also enjoys creating monthly newsletters and writing website copy for clients.


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