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    Stuck in a rut and need a “push”? Have a business idea, but need help implementing? Just need a go-to person for polishing up your branding and marketing? Meredith Liepelt is your woman for all the above. She’s a consultant, mentor, coach, writer and speaker. She also has plenty of business experience – good and bad – to make her a pro.



    Before launching Rich Life Marketing, Liepelt worked in corporate Human Resources for the first 10 years of her career. Then, she transitioned into consulting and eventually sold the first business she started.



    When that chapter of her career closed, she decided to start Rich Life Marketing. “Through my first business, I realized that what I loved about it was branding and marketing,” she explains. “I also realized that by making a name for myself so quickly, business was much easier to come by.”



    People from all over the country were calling to ask for her advice on how she became so well-known and respected in the marketing field. “That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks that I could start a business mentoring other entrepreneurs about how to become famous in their fields,” she recalls. “And so began Rich Life Marketing. Because, to me, being an entrepreneur is about having freedom in how you spend your time.”



    Liepelt has two daughters, a husband, and now that her mother lives close by, spending time with them is a priority to her. So, she needed to structure the business so that it was not only profitable, but also flexible enough that she could have the freedom to be there for them. “That is one essential component of living a ‘rich life’ on my terms,” she adds.



    Liepelt works with service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to create a business that helps them live their own version of a rich life. “I guide them as they step into their own leadership role, build a strong brand and find great clients as soon as possible,” she says.



    Rich Life Marketing isn’t an agency, though. “That’s what makes me and my business different from other similar businesses,” she says. “I’m a mentor and knows how to go from an idea for a service, like a coach or consultant, to having a solid business that supports, not dictates, your lifestyle. Rich Life Marketing helps others to reach that lifestyle quickly.”



    The business actually started out as a coaching and mentoring business. “At one point, my husband joined me in the business,” she explains. “He is a fantastic web developer so we did web sites for clients in addition to the mentoring I have always done.”



    Liepelt and her husband learned quickly that just because they could create and implement a web site strategy, they didn’t want to build a marketing agency. “It wasn’t what we wanted to do,” she says. “So my husband is now investing in real estate and I’m continuing to mentor others.”



    There are some exciting things coming up for Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing and her clients. “In late February, I’m taking a small group of clients to Los Angeles for a program I call Shake It Up in Hollywood,” she shares. “It’s an intimate group of entrepreneurs who are creating something new and taking a deep look at their personal brand and who they are as a leader.” Then, in the spring Liepelt is starting a virtual mentoring program to help people brand themselves as thought-leaders and find clients quickly.



    To get a complimentary copy of her e-book called “101 Ways to Attract Ideal Clients, Build Your List and Raise Your Profile,” visit There, you can also read Liepelt’s blog and access her contact information. You can also “like” her business on Facebook.