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    Rachel Robinson has been telling stories since she could talk and has kept a journal of her journeys growing up. Although she jokes about never telling anyone where they are now, she enjoys writing, telling stories and taking pictures. “Blogging seemed to combine everything I loved into one outlet for me,” she explains.


    Hailing from a small town in Midwestern Ohio – which was an hour drive to the closest mall – she’s now nestled in Pleasant Ridge and loves writing about her adventures through the Tri-State on her blog, SmallTownBigCincy, which she launched in 2010.


    While she mainly features fun activities and hidden gem businesses here in Cincinnati and its surrounding suburbs, she also features cities that are just a short drive away, such as Columbus, Louisville and Lexington. “I just want to feature some of the random things that people may or may not know about in different areas,” Robinson adds.


    Her goal is to encourage readers to branch out and try a new place on the Eastside, head to a festival on the Westside or visit a park in the suburbs. Robinson says she wants to get people out of their comfort zones and away from the “there’s nothing to do here” mentality.


    Some of Robinson’s favorite adventures thus far include the inaugural Diner en Blanc in 2012 as well as a post discussing the Taco Bell commercial she was in earlier this year. A few years ago, she got to do the “Play me I’m Yours” piano, which inspired her to get started on the multi-neighborhood path. 

    Robinson’s favorite part of running the blog is giving readers ideas for new adventures when they think they’ve done it all. “Although,” she adds, “there are a few perks every now and again such as media previews to new bar openings or shows that local companies are doing. Those never hurt.”


    Currently, Robinson is working on a comprehensive list of haunted houses in the area for those who enjoy a good seasonal spook. “I’m a huge Halloween fan and friends seem to know this,” she explains. “Every October, I get messages and texts asking if such and such place is worth it, it’s level of scary or where the best place is. So, I figured why not make a post on them and let the people decide if it’s what they’re looking for.” She wants to compile a similar list for holiday activities.


    You can learn more about SmallTownBigCincy by following her SmallTownBigCincy blog or “liking” its Facebook Fanpage. According to Robinson, both outlets feature her latest posts and links to her favorite bloggers as well.