Spring Trend Report

Spring Trend Report

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    While snow still covers the ground, we’re dreaming of Spring. Not just for the warmer, sunny weather, but also all the fresh fashions the new season will bring. Read on as Courtney PeGan, owner of Curate Boutique, gives us a sneak peek into her latest buying trip and explains which trends will be heating up your wardrobe when the temperatures rise.

    Courtney PeGan, owner and head curator at Curate Boutique
    Courtney PeGan, owner and head curator at Curate Boutique

    What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. At least, not for Courtney PeGan, owner and head curator at Curate Boutique, who recently went on a buying trip to Las Vegas and couldn’t wait to give us the scoop on new trends.

    One of spring’s biggest trends, according to PeGan, is a new class of graphic prints. “While we’ve seen graphic prints as a trend for many season, it’s the blending of hard and soft patterns – making them more abstract than what we normally see – that makes this particular trend stand out,” she says. “From skirts and pants to tops and dresses, prints will be everywhere. Embrace the bold, colorful prints for an immediate boost to your spring wardrobe as they will look killer paired with white denim or chambray – my favorite warm weather staples!”

    Also on the trend radar for this spring is mixing luxe textures and fabrics. According to PeGan, leather and lace will be big this season. She adds that in addition to leather and lace, you can be sure that rich brocades, tweeds, chiffons, 100 percent pure silks and other luxurious fabrics will be some of the hottest styles this spring. “We often talk about how clothing looks, but this season will have everyone talking about how it feels,” she says. “For spring and summer, you definitely should invest in lace, silk and chiffon. These little luxuries have never been so accessible.”

    For the girly-girls out there, be ready for ladylike details, including bows, ruffles, full skirts and florals, to be big this season. “From subtle accents that soften edgier styles, to full on 1950s vintage-inspired cocktail dresses, there are so many fun ways to wear this trend,” says PeGan. Pretty, girly details such as soft colors, soft fabrics and demure necklines will give even the edgiest of styles, such as PeGan’s, a feminine touch.

    “My style personally tends to be a bit edgier and tougher, but I am a sucker for floral and chiffons and lack and polka dots, oh my!” laughs PeGan. “The key to incorporating this trend into my wardrobe is to mix in one piece at a time. I cannot wait to pair my favorite moto with a full floral skirt.”

    In addition to prints, skirts, chiffon and other fashion trends, PeGan says that wearable technology is another trend to watch (pun intended) this season. She adds that the area she’s most personally excited about is the intersection of technology and fashion.

    “I sometimes consider my iPhone to be an extension of myself, kind of like a third hand,” she explains. “But my gadgets are definitely not a reflection of my personal style. Enter, the Wearable Tech Trend.”

    She says that designers are doing more to find ways that technology can not only be more accessible and user-friendly, but to also be more stylish, allowing us to incorporate it into our everyday style.

    She says that a couple of her favorite examples of wearable tech come from the accessories world and include pedometers and fitness trackers disguised as jewelry in the most stylish way possible. One of these is Tory Burch for FitBit as well as purses that can charge your phone while you’re out and about. These trends, she says, will be making an appearance at Curate Boutique very soon. “Now your tech can be more than just an extension of your body, it can be a reflection of your style too,” she says.

    PeGan shared some of the newest brands that she’s brought into Curate including Kingdom & State, Angeleye London, See You Soon and LA Made. Kindgom & State is from London. PeGan says the brand blends high fashion, craftsmanship and pocketbook-friendly prices. They also do swimwear, so PeGan says you can expect to see vintage inspired bikinis at Curate this spring. See You Soon is a top French brand that offers style and “Parisienne chic,” as PeGan calls it, with feminine and trendy looks. LA Made was launched in 2004 and boasts a variety of colors, prints and fabrics.

    Angeleye London was created out of the inspirational markets found in London, including the urban style of Portobello in Notting Hill, vintage from Spitalfields in the East and the rock and roll style found in Camden Market. “I studied abroad in England and have seen and shopped in all those markets, and as soon as I saw this collection, I was immediately transported back to England,” says PeGan.

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