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    Tatiane Lucas always had a passion for television production. So, when a friend suggested the idea of starting a TV series, she couldn’t let the idea go. 

    After her youngest son started school, she decided to follow her dream and become the producer and host of her own show. Since she’s a transplant to the Tri-State, she’s always been fascinated with the people, places and history of Cincinnati. So, that’s what she decided to feature as the topic of the show. 


    “When it all started coming together, I soon realized this was an amazing concept,” Lucas says. “Featuring the city in a web-based show allowed me to explore, help and learn about the Queen City.”


    Lucas then took her past experience of working in television in Brazil as well as her friends – Zach Albers, Whitney Kay Stagg and Shane Pergram – with on-air talent and video production experience, and CincyNow was born. 


    According to Lucas, the content of the web series shows will cover entertainment, fashion, social life, community service and much more. “I really want to feature what’s going on in Cincinnati now,” she explains. 


    To find her story leads, she does hours of personal research each week, and stays tuned in to word of mouth among her friends and family. “Many of our lead stories come from viewers and people who want us to cover a certain aspect or story of Cincinnati,” Lucas says. 


    Not only does Lucas want to feature an online monthly show, she wants to publish weekly video segments to keep residents of the Tri-State up-to-date on the latest and greatest stories in the city. Of course, she says, some of the special segments she features will be split into segments to give viewers a chance to hear the whole story. 


    Aside from the monthly shows and weekly segments, Lucas also plans to post blogs to share a behind-the-scenes video of the production. She also wants to share information about events that don’t make it into the shows or segments.

    As for the future of the CincyNow concept, Lucas says the team has many ideas and she can’t wait to see them come to fruition. “We’re excited for the direction the show is headed and what we’re about to bring to the city,” she adds.  

    To learn more about CincyNow, or if you’d like to share a story lead, visit their website They’re also on Facebook and Twitter. You can even follow each of the show’s hosts – Tati (@CincyNowTati) and Zach (@CincyNowZach) – as well as the show’s Marketing and Sales Director, Whitney (@CincyNowWhitney). Also, to get a taste of the show, watch the CincyNow pilot below!