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    A passion for fitness and nutrition inspired The City Skinny, a blog launched by a local lady who travels the world to gain new perspectives on health and well-being. Read on for more about The City Skinny and its upcoming Fit Day and out of town retreat.


    Following a career as a personal trainer for 10 years, Emily Crosby Morgan’s schedule went through a dramatic change after her husband Steve went back into the music business as a singer with the a cappella group Straight No Chaser.

    In the time leading up to her husband’s re-entrance into the music world, Crosby Morgan had an in-home training business, but placed it on pause to travel with her soulmate.

    “I still felt the need to work in this exciting industry, so I found another capacity to go along with the new flow of our life,” she explains. “Now, I tag along with him whenever I can. It’s interesting to see the different fitness trends, or lack thereof, around the world.”

    There’s a lot that Crosby Morgan gets to see while she travels, but there’s also a lot she sees in Cincinnati. To focus on the fitness and nutrition inspiration she finds in these places she launched a blog called The City Skinny.

    Crosby Morgan says that she’s always craved travel, and now that she gets to, she loves the new perspectives it provides. “I find it so important for my own personal growth to learn about and respect other cultures,” she says. “The superficial matters less, and appreciation kicks in. I also love meeting new people and I have such an appreciation for people who stay positive and put good energy out there, which is so crucial in the fitness industry. If your trainer or coach is a positive influence who motivates you to work harder and eat better, you’ll see success.”

    This journey of seeing the world and meeting new people that she can learn from is what ultimately inspired The City Skinny. Crosby Morgan writes most of the posts herself, but her husband occasionally guest blogs and is her right-hand man, offering up ideas for content.

    Crosby Morgan also gets to work with her friend, NYC-based Marcy McIlvaine who helps out with photography. There’s also web designer Alison Connor helps with technical questions and local photographer Daniel Smyth.

    “The people behind the stories and articles, who are the backbone of The City Skinny, are the trainers, studio owners, yoga instructors and nutrition professionals,” says Crosby Morgan. “The city of Cincinnati is blessed with an inspiring and growing fitness community. I couldn’t do it without these people!”

    Over on The City Skinny, you’ll find that Crosby Morgan highlights just about anything that has to do with fitness and nutrition. She talks about new fitness experiences, such as her husband’s try at aerial yoga in New Orleans, or other experiences she found in a city or country. Crosby Morgan also writes straightforward exercise posts.

    “I am all about shining a light on good people doing good things in the fitness world,” she says. “For a number of years, the idea has simply been to go to the gym more days than not and call that a win. But people are bored with the old formula, and many people have found that this doesn’t motivate them or produce real change in their bodies.”

    Instead, we’re finding innovative trainers who are doing great things for clients, and as a result Crosby Morgan’s goal is to show people all the possibilities that are available when it comes to fitness.

    For example, many find it intimidating in many ways to try out a new class at the gym. To help ease their discomfort about it, Crosby Morgan aims to help people feel comfortable and have more information, like what to expect in the class, before they even walk through the door.

    Crosby Morgan’s other passionate subject, nutrition, can be a difficult one for readers to grasp. “There is so much information out there these days that it’s hard to know what’s right,” she explains.

    How important is it to eat organic? Are certain foods more important to eat organic than others? What ingredients or chemicals should I be wary of when I see them listed on foods at the grocery store? These are all questions that Crosby Morgan often talks about on The City Skinny for multiple reasons. “There are few things that can make a bigger difference to our bodies than the food we eat and I like to cite others so my readers can see that I am always on the side of science,” she says.

    Crosby Morgan says that we are at an interesting time in food history where we’re seeing the effects that big agriculture and pesticides have had on the human populace for the last 50-100 years. “It’s vital that we consider these things going forward for ourselves and for our children,” she explains. “This is something about which I am always reading, and I feel it is a duty to share with others.”

    Through her blog, Crosby Morgan hopes that readers find something with which they can connect: a community of like-minded people, a safe and reputable source where they can get sound advice or even just a daily dose of inspiration. She wants the fitness enthusiast to learn about a new gym or exercise they’d like to try out, or the person who has been contemplating beginning a fitness routine finds the inspiration to begin their journey.

    “But above all, I strive to be a positive force in life and I want my blog to focus on other positive people and opportunities,” she says. “We shouldn’t have to be on this journey of wellness alone!”

    There are some big things on the horizon for The City Skinny. Crosby Morgan says she’s currently planning a Fit Day for May. “The City Skinny Fit Day is a mini, day-long fitness retreat,” she explains. “There was nothing like this before in Cincinnati so I tried to put together what I thought would be the ideal day for the fitness lover.”

    Participants will go through 4 or 5 top-notch fitness experiences. There will be transportation, breakfast, coffee, a catered lunch, healthy local snacks and a “healthier happier hour.” She says they’ll also do raffles at the end and will be giving away a gift bag for everyone.

    “It’s a blast! The studios work together to make sure the attendees get a balanced experience,” says Crosby Morgan. “It’s not easy by any means, but we strive to keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone.”

    Also coming up are out of town retreats. Crosby Morgan says there is a fitness/yoga retreat in Bloomington, Indiana, about 2.5 hours from Cincinnati. The retreat will include breakfast and yoga/meditation in the courtyard of a bed and breakfast followed by a workout, lunch, choices of activity like stand up paddleboarding and hiking and free nights to explore the college town. “I am incredibly excited,” she says. “And this year is packed with many other fitness/nutrition/wellness experiences where I am teaming up with some really special co-hosts.”

    You can subscribe to The City Skinny or learn more about Fit Day and out of town retreats at You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.