The Diva Movement

The Diva Movement

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    Have some high hopes for 2021? See how this professional development powerhouse started a movement to help women across the state expand their potential, make big connections and reach lofty goals.

    Behind every successful woman is a group of women who are cheering her on. In an effort to provide women with a supportive and inspiring community of fellow leaders and entrepreneurs, The Diva Movement was created.

    “The Diva Movement is a community of women leaders and entrepreneurs where we provide support, tools, and resources to help women grow as they are growing their business,” explains CEO and Founder Noni Banks. “We offer online personal and business development resources, networking, events, entrepreneur workshops, and opportunities for women to connect in our private Facebook group.”

    Banks says that she was inspired to launch The Diva Movement off a quote by W.E.B. Dubois: “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

    “I was at a place in my life where I was tired of waking up every day and not being fulfilled,” explains Banks. “I was going through a divorce and I realized that I consistently placed my hopes and dreams on the back burner, while I pushed and [helped] build someone else’s dream.”

    In an effort to help build the dreams of the women around her, Banks launched The Diva Movement, which serves hundreds of womens, entrepreneurs, and followers.

    “What started as a book club with 15 people has now grown into an organization with hundreds of members,” adds Banks.

    While 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, Banks says that she finds motivation and inspiration in her day-to-day life by focusing on her goals. 

    “My purpose fuels my passion and keeps me motivated,” she says. “In order to have a clear vision for your life, you have to know your purpose. The two greatest days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

    Banks says that her “why” is directly tied to her purpose.  “When you tap into your why and your purpose, you become an unstoppable, purpose-driven force of positivity,” she adds.

    Banks’ company and the events it hosts in addition to the products it creates and the services it provinces, are bigger than her, her dreams, and her goals.

    “I get up everyday knowing that there are women out here that are struggling to grow their companies,” she says. “Having the ability to sow seeds into the lives of these women and into their businesses is what really keeps me going everyday.”

    With a tumultuous year behind her, Banks is looking forward to her continued offerings in providing tools, support, products and services that women grow as they are growing their business.

    “We are on a mission to help women grow and market their business with confidence,” she adds.

    In the midst of the pandemic, Banks has changed some of her offerings so that she can continue to provide her services in a virtual manner. 

    “We moved our Conversations and Connections to a virtual platform this year and we will continue to host livestream conversations with women entrepreneurs, influencers, and industry leaders from around the world,” she says.

    One of those offerings is a Hustle & Grow Content Club. “The Hustle & Grow Content Club is a 12-week series for female entrepreneurs who want to improve your content, cashflow, and conversions,” says Banks. “This is a membership for entrepreneurs who want to build high-quality content and market your business with confidence.”

    The membership for this club includes: weekly content strategy sessions, private Facebook group, exclusive digital products and content, monthly training and demos.  

    Banks says that she and her business are looking forward to 2021, when they’ll be offering several new options for members.

    These new offerings include a new website with updated product pages and easy, one-click shopping for the new digital products and services. The Hustle & Grow Digital Boutique is a new store that offers business and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs.

    Also new are a variety of memberships that will help you increase your income, impact, and influence, according to Banks.

    Other new offerings include easy-to-use graphics that are simple to customize templates that will help you create eye-catching social media posts to increase engagement, sales, and business growth. “Each month new products are added to the shop,” says Banks.

    Business and marketing templates are available to help you take the guesswork out of creating a business and marketing plan by providing templates that will help you reach your social media and marketing goals.

    Banks is planning on offering marketing and social media coaching to help entrepreneurs market their business with confidence. She says she plans to also offer one-time strategy sessions as well.

    Additionally, be on the lookout for The Diva Movement to offer social media management services. “We help entrepreneurs manage their social media presence to effectively engage with the audience and get the maximum value from social media,” she says.

    To learn more about The Diva Movement, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. To contact Banks and The Diva Movement, call 614-259-7526 or email