The Entrepreneur Mèlange

The Entrepreneur Mèlange

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    We chat with a local lady who’s creating a community of female entrepreneurs in Northern Kentucky that helps each other build their businesses while maintaining their busy lives. Read on for all the inspiring details.

    Meg Hykes has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As the founder of The Entrepreneur Melange, she strives to create a community of female entrepreneurs in Northern Kentucky that help each other build their businesses while maintaining their busy lives.

    “I know that building your dream business can be difficult, and sometimes a little lonely,” she says. “Our community was created to encourage women in our area to dream huge, build your business your way, and know you’re worth it.”

    Hykes and The Entrepreneur Melange offer a variety of services to other entrepreneurs in Northern Kentucky aside from the community itself.

    They also offer social media pages that are dedicated to share members’ sales, products, and services. There’s also a website page for each member that allows them to design and create their own “business page” as well as blogging, which helps members create articles that can then be shared with readers about their business, products, sales, tips, and more. Plus, direct sales business owners who become part of the Melange community are limited to one member from each company, allowing the focus to be kept on the business owner.

    What Hykes calls the first phase of The Entrepreneur Melange is building the entrepreneur community, while the second includes a focus on offering live events.

    “The live events will focus on the Northern Kentucky community and helping them get to know their local business owners,” explains Hykes. “Now, I don’t want to get into too much detail yet, however, let’s just say you should get ready for pop-up boutiques like you’ve never seen them before.”

    Hykes says that the launch of live events, including pop-up boutiques, will not only give residents the chance to get to know local business owners in the area, but it also provides a chance to socialize with friends and build community.

    While The Entrepreneur Melange is a community for all Northern Kentucky entrepreneurs, Hykes says that the exclusivity comes into play with direct sales businesses. “By keeping our direct sales businesses to just one per company, we’re able to give each entrepreneur that exclusive focus they deserve. Currently, we offer a waiting list for those companies that are already filled.”

    Hykes says that the main goal for The Entrepreneur Melange in 2018 is to host its first live event, but, she says, you’ll have to stay tuned for that as developments continue.

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