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The Marigold Collective

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    This year, we’re celebrating all the things and this local and woman-owned business helps us do just that. Read on to learn about this fab collection of stationery, branding, and goods that celebrate your passions with creativity. 

    The new year is something to celebrate and The Marigold Collective wants you to celebrate every little one of life’s precious moments. 

    Taylor Speed, the founder behind The Marigold Collective, launched a collection of stationery, branding, and goods that celebrate your passions with creativity. 

    “In other words, we’re a design studio focused on producing stationery and design, branding design, and fun home goods that are unique for how they tell the story of our clients,” she says.

    Speed says the inspiration behind her business comes from the marigold flower. 

    Taylor Speed, Founder of The Marigold Collective

    “Representing passion and creativity, it speaks so clearly to what we do,” she explains. “All of the people involved in this process are passionate about something – whether it be the client, passionate about their love and wanting to invite people to celebrate it, or our printers, so passionate about producing a beautiful paper product that they’ll text you personally about making it right. Any part of the process you look at, you’ll find someone excited about what they’re doing.” 

    Speed says that at The Marigold Collective, they’re focused on celebrating those passions by using creativity to produce a product that tells that story beautifully.

    When you shop The Marigold Collective, you’ll find stationer and signage design as well as three pre-designed wedding stationery suites that are sorted in tiers with slightly different styles and according to price/how in-depth you’d like your wedding details to be. 

    “We offer two branding packages – again, based on price and how in-depth you need to be with your branding needs,” says Speed. 

    Also offered at The Marigold Collective, is the Goods collection. “At the moment it consists of three goods: a tote, keychain, and print pack,” says Speed. “We’ll be expanding and changing this each season and can’t wait to roll out what we have in store for the spring.” 

    Speed says that what makes The Marigold Collective unique is how they design with the client’s intentions in mind. “Our mission isn’t to mass-produce the trendiest product – it’s to produce something truly unique to each client with the intention to tell their story in style,” she adds. “Clients can expect a high standard of style for every design with a focus on capturing their individual style.”

    Speed says there’s a lot to look forward to in 2021. She says she’s excited to expand business and get The MArigold Collective name out there. “I’m excited for the projects coming and the fun things we’re going to create with 2021 and people’s expanding styles,” she adds.

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