The Pretty Pony Boutique

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    If you’re looking for a boutique specializing in women’s statement jewelry and handmade baby headbands – jump on the computer and head to The Pretty Pony Boutique. There, you’ll find a team that believes in everything big, bold and sparkly.


    Although Cassie Kathman is the owner and founder of The Pretty Pony Boutique, she says it’s definitely a family affair. “My younger sister, Mandie Napier, has spear-headed most of my marketing through social media and other campaigns,” Kathman explains. “She also is my right-hand woman, whether it be pricing and sorting new inventory or helping me in The Pretty Pony Boutique booth at our local shopping events.”


    Her mother, Cindy Napier, also lends a helping hand, thanks to her extensive accounting background. Kathman’s mother also helps create baby headbands while her mother-in-law Debbie Kathman helps with anything and everything from designing headbands to helping out at local events. “Without these fabulous ladies, The Pretty Pony Boutique would not be where it is today,” Kathman admits.


    Kathman was inspired to open The Pretty Pony Boutique after the birth of her daughter, Carson Claire. “I’ve always been a creative and crafty person, but when my daughter came, my craftiness went crazy,” she recalls. “I have made almost all of headbands she wears and am continually getting compliments from people on how unique and pretty they are.” Soon, people encouraged her to consider selling the headbands because of how fashionable and unique they were. So, eventually she took them up on the idea when she launched her retail site on Nov. 1, 2013.


    “Being a busy stay-at-home mom, working full-time as a realtor, plus all the extra things life throws at you, I didn’t think I would have the time nor the energy to actually start a boutique,” she says. “After finally building up the courage to open a boutique, I decided to also fulfill a lifelong dream of selling glamorous accessories for women at an affordable price. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and all things sparkly and stylish, so why not bring my two favorite things into one boutique.”


    Kathman’s goal on this journey, she says, is to make every woman and baby even more beautiful than they already are. While most purchases are made online, Kathman says she does local shopping events every once in a while to give customers the opportunity to check out inventory in-person and meet with her growing following.

    Jewelry you can find from The Pretty Pony Boutique.

    When she was deciding on a name for her online boutique, Kathman wanted something unique and different. “I also wanted to take into consideration the opportunity for expansion in the future so I didn’t want the name to be too specific,” she explains. Her family has owned horses for more than 50 years and her older sister Alie Napier has several at her farm in Tennessee. Her sister always called the horses ponies – an endearing term – so Kathman used that as inspiration and came up with “The Pretty Pony Boutique.”


    As for the products themselves, rather than using boring product numbers, all of the jewelry Kathman sells through the boutique has female names. The reason for this is that the first necklace she received as a sample was an over-the-top statement piece and she instantly thought of her late grandmother. “She believed in everything big, bold and definitely sparkly,” Kathman says. “I knew at that moment the necklace would have to be named for her, the Claire.” Now, every piece of jewelry is named after a woman in Kathman’s life that she cherishes or has made an impact in her life because she says that without these fabulous females she wouldn’t be who she is today.


    The Pretty Pony Boutique works closely with their suppliers in California when it comes to selecting each and every piece of jewelry that’s sold. “Our headbands are exclusive and unique to The Pretty Pony,” says Kathman. Jewelry ranges from $8 to $36 and you can purchase headbands from $6 to $10. Kathman adds that the boutique aims to keep prices low so everyone can afford a little sparkle.


    As for the new year, 2014 looks to be a promising year for The Pretty Pony Boutique. Kathman says that thanks to awesome friends, fans and customers, the first month has been unbelievably successful for The Pretty Pony Boutique. “We’re hoping to expand our accessory line in the upcoming months to include scarves and clutches,” she says. The boutique has also been in contact with a few clothing manufacturers to potentially bring women and baby clothes to the site.


    To learn more about The Pretty Pony Boutique, visit or “like” them on Facebook. “We also have an Instagram that readers can follow,” Kathman adds. “We post daily to both Facebook and Instagram so followers can stay informed on all our new merchandise and also all our different sales and promotions going on.”