The Professionista Experience

The Professionista Experience

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    In today’s digital world, your headshot is the new handshake. That’s why a team of local ladies created a new kind of experience that gets your online presence professionally polished, as you enjoy a night out, networking, and pampering. Read on for all the details.


    When your face is the face of a company, you want to look your best, but who has the time to put together a beauty team and professional photography session for that? That’s where The Professionista Experience comes in.

    Monica Tuck, founder of Unbridled Studio

    “The Professionista Experience is a unique headshot event geared toward women in business,” explains The Professionista Experience Founder Monica Tuck. “The event tends to capture women-owned business owners as well as professional corporate female professionals.”

    The Professionista Experience, for a price tag of $250, will get you all the details of a headshot service. Tuck says she and her team have brought together a group of Cincinnati’s top-notch photographers, beauty, and style experts to offer clients a one-of-a-kind service.


    “You get 30 minutes of HD makeup, 30 minutes of hair refreshing, 30 minutes of professional wardrobe consulting, and 30 minutes of headshots plus 1-2 high resolution images,” she explains. “To top it off, you also get to relax with champagne and lite bites. It makes for a relaxed and full service experience with zero headaches.”

    The $250 cost makes for less headache as well, as Tuck says purchasing these services a la carte around town would be upwards of $400 or more.

    Hair, makeup, and styling are offering with headshots from The Professionista Experience.

    The Professionista Experience hasn’t always been what it is now. According to Tuck, this started as a one-night networking event, but evolved over time as more women were asking when the next event was.

    To expand on its services, outside of just a headshot experience, Tuck says that The Professionista Experience is also booking private group events at office locations around town to help with team building, self-image, and brand awareness initiatives for women in business.

    Tuck’s business idea doesn’t come without experience. She is the owner, producer, beauty, and style director of Unbridled Studio, a boutique production agency that was launched three years ago.

    “Unbridled Studio’s provides design, photo, and video production services to women-owned businesses as well as our fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries within the community,” says Tuck. “We work with everything from women-owned startups, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, and I also like tos ay we can infuse the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry and started connecting with the top creative professionals our city has to offer.”

    While The Professionista Experience launched last fall, the public events are now held in January, May, and September, while all other events are booked privately under the Small Business or Corporate Deluxe Packages.

    Headshot taken at The Professionista Experience

    Although The Professionista Experience is a fairly new event, Tuck says plans are already in motion for the future.

    “The plan is to continue being the top female production agency here in town,” she says. “We will continue providing headshots to business owners and professionals who need them, we will also continue the mission of instilling the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle into our production industry. We source top local talent, scout unique set locations, coordinate hair makeup, wardrobe, and set styling for photo and video production packages. We can also pull these services into our unique design and visual communication process to tell the unique story of a brand.”

    Tuck says that the next public event will be held in September, after kids are back in school, to give all those working mommas a chance to refresh for the fall.

    To learn more about The Professionista Experience, click here.