The Shine Movement

The Shine Movement

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    We chat with the founder of a new locally-based online resource that’s dedicated to encouraging, supporting and inspiring women. Read on for more about the writer, speaker and personal coach behind the movement that aims to shine up your sparkle.

    Cherylanne Skolnicki, Founder of The Shine Movement.
    Cherylanne Skolnicki, Founder of The Shine Movement.

    Everyone has their own sparkle, but it’s easy to let life’s difficulties dull the shine.

    Helping women shine is what Cherylanne Skolnicki is aiming to do with The Shine Movement, a membership site that’s dedicated to helping modern women, especially moms, redesign their everyday to create a space for them to shine.

    “Members are most often women who are searching for a way to balance their professional pursuits with their personal lives while trying to find a connection with a like-minded community,” explains Skolnicki, who is also a writer, speaker and personal coach.

    Skolnicki launched The Shine Movement when she herself was searching for a community she could identify with while balancing her personal and professional lives. “I was so hungry for this that I decided to build it myself,” she says.

    “We want this to feel like a ‘charging station’ for women who are committed to making choices that let them shine,” Skolnicki adds. “It’s a place to come get filled up before you go back out and give it your all.”

    The Shine Movement is built around four guiding principles: contribution, connection, playtime and downtime. Contribution is about serving others by using our gifts to make a difference while connection is about being real in our relationships. Playtime is when you make time to do the things that fill your heart and light you up and downtime is establishing a rhythm in your life to break the busy cycle.

    Alongside Skolnicki is a small team of women who are helping to create content and bring it to life. Darcy Crociata serves as the Content Manager and Growth Analyst, Anne Schmidt works as Creative Designer, Hilary Molina as Operations & Member Relations and Melissa Lower who helps The Shine Movement as an intern.

    With her team, Skolnicki and The Shine Movement is working to connect the community and empower women. “I really believe that we are all students and we are all teachers,” she says. “By connecting in this community we can get help in areas where we are struggling and share our secrets in area where we have it all together.”

    Skolnicki says that the entire community is encouraging while challenging one another to play a little bigger or to make an even bolder choice, and she loves it.

    To supplement the content she shares in The Shine Movement, Skolnicki interviews one woman who embodies the principles of the movement. “These are people like Susie Schnall who wrote The Balance Project, Tara Mohr who wrote Playing Big and Nicola Kraus who wrote The Nanny Diaries. They are sharing how they are balancing their professional pursuits with their family lives and telling fantastic stories that are so inspiring to our members,” she says.

    Through The Shine Movement, Skolnicki is hoping that she can help modern moms redesign their everyday to create space for them to shine. “I also want to surround them with a community of women so they know they are never ever alone,” she adds.

    You can learn more about The Shine Movement by clicking here or by visiting Skolnicki’s personal website.