The Tupelo House

The Tupelo House

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    Inspired by fellow business-owning women, one local lady is opening a community workspace and venue that caters to women. See how she’s helping to support other local boss ladies and their journey through the world of entrepreneurship.

    The Tupelo House offers workspace opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    Whitney Pelfrey knows the struggle of running your own business – the cost of an office space, the issue of being in a building that you didn’t quite feel inspired in. She wanted to change that with a new creative workspace and venue called The Tupelo House.

    “We are a female-focused creative workspace and venue located in the heart of historical Loveland,” says Pelfrey. “We aesthetically cater to woman-identified freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs as we firmly believe the empowerment of women spurs economic development and community growth and wellbeing.”

    Inspired by women who take the leap into the world of freelance and entrepreneurship, Pelfer wanted to create a space that would be a solid foundation for both men and women who navigate the path of owning their own business.

    Pelfrey is a photographer herself, and has been for the last eight years. “I know the struggle of running a business out of a home,” she says. “Not only could I not afford to own my own office space, but I didn’t want to be in a building that didn’t fill me with creative inspiration and like-minded individuals.”

    Currently, there are two types of memberships available at Tupelo House – the Private Desk Membership and the Drop-In Membership.

    Whitney Pelfrey, Founder of Tupelo House

    “Our dedicated Desk Membership is reserved for women-identified individuals working hard to turn their goals into reality,” says Pelfrey. “Our Drop-In Membership is available for any gender who’s running a mobile business and just wants a place to work from time to time.”

    In addition to office space, Tupelo House also offers space for meeting room rentals for non-members as well as events for non-members. Pelfrey says that with the event rental space she hopes to offer yoga classes, workshops, listening parties, bridal showers, photoshoots, and more.

    “It’s a much needed space with a much appreciated liquor license,” she says.

    The coolest part of Tupelo House, according to Pelfrey, is the big brother business on the building’s main floor called Plaid Room Records. “Plaid Room Records is run by three brothers and serves an amazing partnership to Tupelo House,” she says. “One could not exist without the other. Together we make an amazing team.”

    Although community workspaces are popping up throughout the area, Pelfrey says that what makes Tupelo House unique is that it caters to women specifically.

    “In a world of masculine of even gender-professional workplaces, we are here aesthetically for women,” she says. “We hope all genders can enjoy our space and venue, but we want to give our community a lovely and feminine place they can create, connect, and celebrate.”

    Pelfrey says that she hopes the venue becomes the go-to event space for the community and the weekends are full of parties, celebrations, workshops, and yoga classes.

    Tupelo House is located at 122 West Loveland Avenue in Loveland.

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