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This One Dress

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    An emerging fashion designer with Cincinnati roots is changing the dress game one customized fit at a time. Click here to read more! 

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    Ever wish you could take the length of a certain dress and pair it with the neckline or sleeve length of your favorite top? That’s the idea behind This One Dress, an innovative dress line that gives women the power to have personalized, made-to-order fashion.

    “Why buy off the rack when you can create your own look?” asks CEO Diane Lausche Bean, adding that This One Dress currently offers three dress silhouettes that complement every body type, and even your mood.

    “Each one is fully personalized with a choice of a neckline, sleeve, hem length, and color,” she explains. “The dresses are offered in solid colors so they can become the wardrobe foundational pieces.”

    The dresses can be styled as desired by the one wearing them, whether it’s with accessories, jackets, scarves, boots, heels, or sandals, the options are limitless.

    Lausche Bean, who graduated from what is now Winton Woods High School and Miami University, says she was inspired to launch a company like This One Dress while watching a cultural event. She noticed the woman on stage didn’t look comfortable and the clothing wasn’t flattering, but after a costume change later in the product, she was wearing a dress that perfectly fit and flattered her figure. That prompted Bean to begin drawing styles and a light bulb went off when she realized that she could create something that was customizable and flattering to any woman’s shape, and was in style as well.

    Lausche Bean runs the company alongside her COO Michele Bergamesca, together they are not only passionate about fashion but also advocates of women’s rights and women’s issues.

    Items from This One Dress are made to order and personalized, something that isn’t very common in the fashion industry.

    “You personalize your smoothie, your coffee, your technology, and now you can personalize your dress just the way you want it to make you feel your best,” says Lausche Bean. “It’s about time.”

    To bring the experience to you, This One Dress is a fashion show sponsor at Cincy Chic’s Cincinnati Fashion Night on July 12 at The Spot on West Fifth.

    “We will be bringing all 3 of our styles to the Cincinnati show in three different variations to show how the dresses can be customized,” says Lausche Bean. ”We are excited to have people be able to see and touch the fabric because pictures just cannot do it justice – it really makes an impression when you can see how soft it is, see how wrinkle resistant the fabric is and know how comfy you are going to be in the dress all day.”

    Lausche Bean and Bergemesca will offer information on This One Dress as well as measurements so customers can know which style will complement their bodies and which features they want in the dress.

    “Perhaps their office is always cold and it’s a great idea to get the 3/4 sleeve since they anticipate wearing the dress to the office a lot – so much to consider and we love to chat about it with people,” she says.  

    To sweeten the deal, event attendees will have the opportunity to order a bespoke dress at the event.

    The website for This One Dress will guide you through the design process. Shipping for the dress is always included and returns are free. “We want our customers to love their dresses,” says Lausche Bean. “If not completely satisfied, a full refund can be made on an unworn dress with tags on within 30 days of receipt. Exchanges are also happily made on all unworn dresses with tags on within 30-60 days.”

    If you can’t attend the event, you can create a dress of your own at, with expected delivery between 2-3 weeks. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about their new website launching soon, where you can view new photos and styling ideas, as well as sign up to receive promotions and special offers.