‘Tis the Wedding Season

‘Tis the Wedding Season

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    Whether you're a blushing bride-to-be, a mother of the bride, or a trusty bridesmaid, read on as we chat with a local wedding planner to get some helpful tips and trends for you.

    Your Dream Day takes brides from “She Said Yes” to “I Do.” Photo:Michael Bambino & Co.

    Wedding season is just around the corner, which means brides-to-be are beginning to turn the big day they imagined as little girls into reality.

    But planning a wedding can be stressful, expensive and overwhelming with all the choices and logistics involved. That’s why we’re chatting with Kathy Piech-Lukas, the seasoned wedding planner and founder of Your Dream Day for a few helpful tips, tricks and trends.

    In terms of trends, Piech-Lukas says that vintage is the biggest trend of the season. “You will see lots of antique furniture, mid century modern accessories, and other vintage accents,” says Piech-Lukas.

    She adds that while barns and hotels are still popular venues to play host to wedding ceremonies and receptions, there’s a big swing toward more modern, industrial venues. “As we head into 2018 and 2019, you’ll see a lot of venues with exposed brick, clean walls, and high ceilings with exposed pipes,” explains Piech-Lukas.

    In addition to this change in on-trend venues, it seems as though pastel colors will take the spotlight this wedding season as well. Piech-Lukas says that we can expect to see a number of different colors from brides this season, including blush, champagne, ivory, pink, peach, blues, purple, and slate ooms

    ay. The gray is an especially notable trend when it comes to the menswear. “They’re still wearing tuxes, but we’re starting to see a lot more slate gray on the men,” she says.

    As for tips, Piech-Lukas says she encourages every bride she works with to leverage the power of Pinterest in their planning process. “It helps you stay organized and it helps your vendors understand exactly what you’re envisioning so they can make it a reality,” Piech-Lukas explains.

    When asked what makes her the most excited for this year’s wedding season, Piech-Lukas says that it’s working with the brides and grooms.

    “I love the vibe that comes with planning weddings,” she says. “Brides and grooms are in such a fun and exciting chapter in their lives and I love having the opportunity to be a part of that.”

    Kathy Piech-Lukas, Owner of Your Dream Day

    Piech-Lukas has several years of experience in the wedding planning industry. As the owner of Your Dream Day, she works with brides to plan their big day in any capacity they need her. “We offer wedding planning and event design services,” she explains. “You can book us for as much or as little as you need.”

    While she’s biased as a planner herself, she says she encourages brides to hire a wedding planner, regardless of who it is, because they often end up saving the couple a lot of time and money. “We have great relationships with vendors in just about every aspect of the industry you could imagine, and because of these relationships, they’re more willing to do us a favor, cut us a deal or give us exclusive perks that the couple wouldn’t get otherwise,” Piech-Lukas says.

    While some couples want a team of experienced wedding planners who can help direct and manage the entire process, she explains, “others want to collaborate with the Your Dream Day team to design the event, select wedding vendors, develop the schedule, do the final walkthrough at the venue, and generate a checklist of things to do.”

    The best part of her job, says Piech-Lukas, is helping couples plan one of the most memorable days of their lives. “Knowing that I can make that chapter a little more fun and less stressful [for couples] brings me such a sense of joy and purpose,” she adds.

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