Traveling with Tots

Traveling with Tots

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    Want to hit the road for the holidays? If you have young ones, you might be thinking twice because of all the bedding, strollers and other kiddo equipment you’ll need to make a trip possible. We chat with the local lady behind a new baby gear rental service that’s taking a load off (literally) for families nationwide.

    When it comes to preparing for a trip away from home, it can be stressful in and of itself. Add in kids and the stress levels can really start to hit the ceiling. However, there’s a nationwide company with a Cincinnati representative that wants to help make your travel experience a little easier: BabyQuip.

    A combination of the words baby + concierge, BabyQuip is the leading baby gear rental service and marketplace that offers traveling families the opportunity to rent the baby equipment they’ll need while staying at hotels, vacation rentals, or even private homes.

    “The company leverages gig-economy baby gear rental entrepreneurs, called Trusted Partners, who deliver, setup, pickup, and clean quality baby gear that they own,” the company’s website states. “Trusted partners, mostly moms, build a business on the BabyQuip platform and receive insurance, as well as ongoing coaching and business mentoring, from the company.”

    In Cincinnati, that Trusted Partner is Lindsey Brown. Brown says that she was inspired to become Cincinnati’s Trusted Partner for Babierge through the stress she experienced while traveling with children.

    “My goal [through BabyQuip], is to help families travel with less and make more memories,” she says.

    Brown says that the way BabyQuip works is similar to Airbnb. You find your location, choose your gear from a wide assortment of available items, from full-size cribs to jogging strollers, car seats, and toy boxes, and then make your reservation.

    Lindsey Brown, the Cincinnati Trusted Partner for Babierge.

    “Our gear is delivered exceptionally clean, safe, and is also insured,” she adds. “The gear is delivered and set-up prior to arrival of the kiddos and I come back once they leave to pick-up.”

    This rental service allows families the freedom of lugging bulky baby gear through crowded airports while avoiding high fees and other stresses of traveling with children. The service can also be used by grandparents, friends, and other family members who don’t want to purchase expensive baby gear and store it between visits from their loved ones.

    Brown says that the most popular items rented from BabyQuip are a full-size crib and high chair. “We all know that kids eat and sleep a lot,” she says. “Other popular items are the white noise machine and toy package.”

    She also provided a list of items typically rented from BabyQuip and their prices:

    • Full size crib with mattress and linens: $14/day
    • Car seat: $10/day
    • Toy package: $10/day
    • Pack n’ play: $8/day
    • Stroller: $8
    • High-chair: $7/day
    • Video monitor: $7/day
    • White noise machine: $3/day

    While the idea behind a baby gear rental business is already unique, it’s the quality of the products from BabyQuip that make the company stand out among others in the industry.

    “Not only do we provide quality gear, but our customer service is extraordinary,” says Brown. “My goal is to make traveling with kids easier by providing all the comforts of home. My customers have included grandparents hosting grandkids, friends hosting out-of-town friends with kids, and those visiting Cincinnati for weddings and other activities. My customers love the fact that I can deliver and set up all equipment prior to their guests’ arrival so that they don’t have to worry about it, they just get to enjoy the company!”

    Brown says that BabyQuip is looking to increase its location throughout the United States in 2018 before moving to the international stage. In addition to expansion, Brown says the company also hopes to enter into more strategic partnerships with leading travel brands, similar to the ones it already works with such as Destination Hotels, Kid & Coe, and HomeAway.

    To learn more about BabyQuip, click here.