When Old Becomes New

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    One thing about Cincinnati that many people love is that you can discover new places and little gems across the city all the time. While these places may not be exactly new, they are new in their own right, whether it be through a reinvention, new location or service.


    FB’s QBG
    is known as the place with the big yellow couch on 6th Street downtown, but FB’s is now serving up a new aspect to their identity with quality bar grub or, as they like to call it, QBG.


    "A lot of people don’t realize that FB’s has undergone a transition in more ways than just offering food," says Kim Sheridan, a spokesperson for the Orange Cardinal Group that manages FB’s and Lunar/Launch. "When [FB’s] first opened a few years ago, it had more of a nightclub feel. Now, it has evolved more into a bar and grill where patrons can kick back and enjoy Happy Hour and camaraderie with new guests and loyal regulars," Sheridan says.


    FB’s is located in downtown’s hotel district and within walking distance of the Duke Energy Convention Center. The district lacked quality food in a laid-back atmosphere and the people at FB’s recognized this and worked to come up with a plan that would offer just that, Sheridan says. Much like when FB’s first opened its doors, the new feature was promoted by word-of-mouth with a need-to-know mentality. The QBG menu has been offered at FB’s for a couple months.


    Well-known Chef Jimmy Gibson designed the menu and helped bring this idea to life. "It is a very eclectic menu, including everything from exotic dishes to American fare and sweet desserts, with nothing priced over $15," says Sheridan. Among patron’s favorites are the House Cured Tuna Tacos, Fashionably Blazing Chicken Wings, Hot & Gooey Grille, B-A-P Grille and Two Bird Cuban Press, she says.


    Within the next few months, Launch plans to roll out its own menu, which will also be designed by Chef Jimmy Gibson. "Many people don’t realize that Launch – the lower level bar of Lunar – very much has its own identity during the week and on game days that is separate from the nightclub," says Sheridan. "Opening Day Launch was packed wall-to-wall with sports fans, and with all of its flat screen TVs and beer specials, many of the Reds games often attract non-nightclub goers."


    Launch’s small menu is going to have a less gourmet feel and will feature subs and deli-type fare with affordable prices. For more information on QBG and Launch’s new menu, visit FB’s website and Lunar/Launch’s website.


    Anyone who frequents Rookwood Commons or Kenwood Towne Centre is familiar with Yagööt and its tangy frozen yogurt. This cool and delicious treat is unique in that it’s good for you.


    "Yagööt is a healthy, low-calorie, guilt-free frozen dessert or daytime snack. It is 99 percent fat free, gluten free and contains relatively low sugar," says Brian Busken, Senior Vice President. "Above all else, each serving of Yagööt contains literally millions of healthy live-active cultures (known as probiotics) that aid in the body’s digestive system."


    Yagööt has been around since 2008 and is a subsidiary of Busken Bakery. This isn’t the first time Busken has had a go with frozen yogurt. In the 1970s during a trip to New York City, Page Busken was served a yogurt salad consisting of a bed of greens topped with fresh fruit and a swirl of tangy frozen yogurt. Busken was so delighted with the dish he brought the idea back to Cincinnati and added it to the lunchtime menu at his Busken Cafés. Cincinnatians loved the dish just as much as Busken, but it only lasted several years before the dairy they used shut down.


    Decades later, the family took a trip to Los Angeles in 2008 where the family was intrigued with the tangy frozen yogurt craze out West and wondered if it would take off back home in Cincinnati. Later that year, the Busken brothers decided to give the frozen treat a try – this time as a frozen yogurt shop, and they opened the first Yagööt in Rookwood Commons.


    "Inside of three years, the brothers, Brian and Dan, have opened four additional yogurt shops, targeting A+ retail developments in and around the center of Cincinnati," says Busken.


    Now Yagööt is letting its customers choose the next limited edition Yagööt flavor, with a contest called Neugööt What’s Your Flavor? Contest – neu is German for new. "Three of the most desirable flavors will be chosen from the entries collected from all four participating Yagööt locations," says Busken. "The three flavor finalists from the Columbus and Cincinnati area will be held to the ultimate test, being judged by food critics and ruthless food bloggers on Wednesday, August 31."


    The winner will see his or her flavor debut on October 5 at all Yagööt locations and be treated to an in-store Yagööt party for them and 20 of his or her closest friends, a $50 Yagööt gift card and a Yagööt swag bag. The second and third place finalists will receive a Yagööt swag bag that includes a $50 Yagööt gift card, an insulated Yagööt pint carrier and a limited edition Yagööt summer t-shirt.


    To find which Cincinnati location is closest, visit Yagööt’s website.


    Dancing Wasabi
    Dancing Wasabi
    has been a Mount Lookout staple when it comes to great sushi, and when the news hit that Beluga of Hyde Park was closing its doors, Dancing Wasabi owner Charlie Choi saw a great opportunity. Choi announced he would be buying the building Beluga called home for 11 years and turning it into Dancing Wasabi’s second location. The new location offers a more extensive menu than the Mount Lookout location with additions of Japanese and Korean dishes. One feature that will stay the same at both locations the half-price sushi offered Monday through Saturday 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. For more information, visit Dancing Wasabi’s website.