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    Wine lovers rejoice! A local lady is launching a new kind of wine subscription service, and also the chance to pick up canned wines at your local Kroger. Read on to drink in all the details.

    WineSociety offers premium wine in a subscription box.

    Angela Allison — the founder of WineSociety, a premium wine subscription company — is on a mission to change the way Americans purchase and consume wine.

    Aiming to modernize delivery for busy lifestyles, WineSociety delivers wine straight to your doorstep in its trademark 500mL cans that are ready to take along on any adventure.

    WineSociety offers single flavor and variety pack subscriptions, helping to simplifying the process in making premium wine accessible, convenient, and affordable to everyone.

    The inspiration for WineSociety came about when Allison and her husband Austin began traveling between Cincinnati and San Francisco. “We were traveling back and forth for work and noticed how differently wine is approached and consumed in the Midwest in comparison to California,” explains Allison. “Due to location, there is an ingrained wine culture and familiarity in California, common with local residents and frequent visitors, to where wine is more second nature rather than intimidating.” 

    WineSociety cans are now available at select Kroger locations.

    That’s not always the case across the country, especially the Midwest Allison says, where according to research, wine is viewed as complex, overwhelming, and expensive. “We really wanted to change that conversation and give people across the U.S. access to the quality grapes they were drinking in California and the effortless experience that should come with it,” Allison explains. “Great wine should simply be enjoyed.”

    Determined to make WineSociety a household name, Allison’s love for vino came about as her husband’s company opened a second office on the West Coast. As the couple frequently went between Ohio and California, Allison took on a unique perspective on wine consumption combined with her frequent travel schedule, which sparked the idea for a wine delivery company that merges quality taste, simplicity, and convenience.

    To make their wine even more accessible, Allison recently teamed up with Kroger stores to sell their flagship collection of premium wines in stores, starting in select cities in Ohio and Kentucky just six months after the online launch of the company.

    Available starting this month, customers can choose between white blend Fate, rosé blend Chance, or red blend Tempt. And to make the deal even sweeter, a single can of WineSociety is the same as 4 glasses of wine, for just $3 per serving.

    When asked what inspired her to team up with Kroger, Allison says that she grew up shopping in Kroger stores. “So when we decided to expand into the retail world, we knew that Kroger would be a perfect fit,” says Allison. “The WineSociety consumer shops at Kroger and there is no other product like them available on shelves. We offer the best value for premium wine offered in the most practical size and vessel – 500mL cans.”

    According to Allison, WineSociety will soon be available at another retail chain on the West Coast. “In addition, they recently launched their 3-pack, available online only and have limited edition blends coming in 2019,” she says. “The 3-pack, Little Black Box, is especially exciting as its both perfect for trial and a gift during the holiday season at a $49 price point.”

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