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    Looking for experts to help you with balance and well-being from the comfort of your home? A former P&G'er recently set out on her own to launch a wellness community for women to achieve true whole-self wellness. Click here for all the details.

    Stevi Gable Carr spent 10 years at P&G working in brand strategy, design, and insights, where she was able to pour her passion for cognitive and behavioral sciences into her work by .learning about the power of building brands through habit formation. 

    “Most recently I spent my last two years at P&G leading Brand, Marketing & Creative Services in clinical health care where I established an understanding of the gap in knowledge between being ‘sick’ and ‘healthy,’” explains Carr. “Women most often back-burner their wellness until there is an urgent need, and I realized I wanted to change that.”

    That desire, partnered with inspiration from McKinsey’s “Women in the Workplace” study, she launched WISe Wellness Guild, a community dedicated to the advancement of women through whole-self wellness, helping them to achieve peak performance and avoiding burnout. 

    “Our mission is to match health and wellness subject-matter-experts with those seeking health and wellness services,” she explains. 

    Stevi Gable Carr, Founder of WISe Wellness Guild

    Carr says the study inspired her to see that women and men enter the workforce at relatively equal rate, however, when it comes to promotions at the management level, there is a sharp decline. “This is characterized as the ‘broken-rung’ phenomena,” she explains. “After my own experience with burnout and more than 500 interviews later, I realized that high-achieving, high-performing women have their growth stunted in (or leave the workforce) due to the lack of ability to manage all aspects. Many people call this ‘work-life balance’ but WISe believes that it is characterized by a lack of maintaining ‘your center’ across the eight pillars of whole-self wellness.”

    Carr established WISe Wellness Guild in August 2019 and offers curated programming, content generation, networking, and individualized coaching across our digital and in-person platforms.

    Members of WISe Wellness Guild receive a 100-point wellness assessment and special insider access to exclusive events such as Secret Suppers, Member-to-Member Mentoring Affinity Groups like book clubs, beauty hours, and new mothers.

    “The subject of our content and programming is centered around the 8 pillars of whole-self wellness: occupational, financial, physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental,” explains Carr.

    At WISe Wellness Guild, the goal is to provide clients with a data-centric, fact-based approach to wellness. 

    “In order to develop healthy habits we must start small and focused, working our way towards a more centered state of being,” says Carr. “Further, we make a conscious effort to support other women and minority-owned businesses to support the equity of all.”

    While in-person connection may be at the heart of what WISe Wellness Guild does, Carr knows that it isn’t necessary in order for members to form new bonds. “Since COVID-19 has shifted the way all of us interact, we have moved all programming online, built a more robust online platform for both health care providers as well as women working and living at home,” says Carr. “This community has an incredible bond, sense of purpose and resiliency. Together we will conquer this!”

    To learn more about WISe Wellness Guild, visit www.wisewellnessguild.com. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram