Orange on Green: Your Kid’s Birthday on the Cheap

Orange on Green: Your Kid’s Birthday on the Cheap

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If you have more than one kid, you can go ahead and multiply that by the additional young chaps running around your household. And after you account for the food, drinks, location costs, decorations, invitations and more, birthday parties really can add up. We often are caught off guard by the total ticket for the party.


Might we suggest a few ways to keep your cost down and still enjoy the celebration:


Invitations – Ever tried using one of the online invitation systems? We have personally used in the past to host events and parties. It is an easy way to notify your guest list of the event, and it doesn’t cost anything to use it. With technology today, most people have access to a computer and receive e-mail. And the site even gives guests additional advantages like an address easily accessible by a smart phone GPS.


Cake – Instead of going out and purchasing the designer cake, make the cake yourself. Even if you are not the chef of the house, anyone can follow directions. If you have more than one child, the brothers and sisters can help make the cake for their sibling as a present to them. And a home-made cake can be a more meaningful memory for your kid.


Decorations – Once again, another nickel and dime expense that adds up, especially when you have a large guest list. The decorations don’t make the party, the kids themselves make it. You can even have the guests decorate as part of the party itself, and they’ll have fun doing it! Be creative and use some of things you already have around the house. You would be shocked the things you can do with toilet paper and their rolls.


Entertainers – Before you hire the clown or the famous cartoon character for the day, remember that kids do entertain themselves. We don’t even like clowns, as they scare us as adults. Hiring the professional partier is going to cost money and half the time the kids could care less. Save the money.

Time of Party – No one ever said you had to feed the guests lunch or dinner. Host the party from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Load up on the cake, ice cream and goodies instead of a full-out meal, which can run up the register.


During these times when we are all watching the pennies, you can still celebrate your kid’s special day, but you don’t have to invest a fortune to do so.

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