Orange on Green: Playing the Money Game

Orange on Green: Playing the Money Game

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The game of life brings many games. Some are games of sport, others games of emotion of the heart and others of the mind. Since we are financial columnists, we wanted to write about the game of denial. We have found most people are in the state of denial about many components of their financial world, primarily due to lack of education. Here are a few of the classic denial games we play in our minds:


  • I am going to get my debt under control before I seek help.
  • I am still young and have plenty of time to get my financial house in order.
  • I do not want too much life insurance because it will give my spouse an incentive to wipe me out.
  • I do not need to protect my income become I am healthy and do not expect to get injured or sick for any extend period of time.
  • I do not need to save, because I plan to win the lottery or make a big hit in the markets.


So here are some of our ideas to keep you in the game:


  • Be honest with yourself about your finances. In general, none of us were ever really educated in school about the basics of how money really works, and it is okay to admit that fact.
  • Get assistance from a professional, but make sure you choose one that takes an educational approach, so you can understand the decisions you are making.
  • Do not wait for later. How much evidence do we need before we wake up and realize we are not bullet proof from life’s game of unexpected events. Things happen to people of all ages and we all need to be prepared.


You will be amazed at how good you will feel to have command of your finances. Your ability to communicate with competence and confidence with your family and knowing that your life is prepared for unexpected play that the game of life can throw at you. For any game, knowledge and preparation are the key. Your finances are no different.


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