Orange on Green: Women of the Year in Finance

Orange on Green: Women of the Year in Finance

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While finance might have been a man’s issue in the past, we believe that a level playing field would benefit both sexes.


We recognize each and every woman who has stood up and taken ownership of her money as the Women of the Year in Finance. We men need you to do so. It is critical to our financial success. You see, we, men, have what is often referred to as an EGO. I know, hard to believe right?! As much as you may not believe it, this is true.


We don’t ask for directions when we are lost because of our egos. We don’t ask about our finances for the same reason. We do not want people to see that we have a weakness, that we don’t know what we are doing. As a result, our egos drive us into financial solitude, working to figure out the answers for ourselves. At the same time, we will push our female counterparts aside in fear of them learning that we are not as proficient with money as we would like to be. This is where the problems with finance begin for us.


Women have the ability to forgo the "big head" and focus on the learning of finance. This is where men struggle. Asking questions is an admission of fault. You will gather data and education to make informed decisions and not do it in isolation. We generally will not.


Please continue to rise up and guide the men of our society in learning. For all of you women who have spoken up and taken charge already, we salute you and congratulate you as a Woman of the Year in Finance. Go forth in your pursuit of financial success. If you don’t mind, drag your difficult equivalent along for the ride. We can use all the help we can get!


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