HerStory: I Do It For My Kids

HerStory: I Do It For My Kids

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Read on as our finance columnist shares the story of an inspiring mom who changed her life around financially for her kids to live a better life.

Moms are one of the most magically beings on this earth. Let’s be honest, who else knew where your sweater was as a child or how to make you feel better with just a hug? This mom I want to highlight has went through a lot to ensure her two kids and herself were, as I like to say, financially great!

Nahamani Yisrael, grew up with a unique financial background, her grandparents were upper middle class and lived in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Cincinnati, but with her mother she experienced some difficult financial times. Yisrael went to private school, but lived on government assistance. At 18, like most teens, she was eager to leave home and obtained her own apartment. Making the decision to delay college, Yisrael went from job to job trying to make a living herself. In her early 20s, Yisrael had her children. Although she struggled to provide a stable environment for them, her children ended up saving her, because at one point, Yisrael and her children dependent on a local food pantry for food, received government assistance, and even slept in a shelter. She saw the cycle repeating itself from her childhood. She didn’t like it, it sadden her and she decided to do something about it.

She enrolled herself into college, receiving many grants and scholarships because of her academic efforts, but her struggled continued. Going to school, raising children, and maintaining a job is not easy, and there were times Yisrael could not even afford car insurance, her spending habits and lack of resources caught up with her and in the middle of collegiate career, she had to file bankruptcy for all the debt she had acquired from money mismanagement over the years. But she didn’t stop…

“I need this reset”, said Yisrael, “I was going to do it right this time.” From the skills she learned in college in bookkeeping and web designed, she landed on her feet. She peeled back the layers like an onion and got serious about her finances.

No more lavish shopping trips, no more luxury trips, and first things first, obtain car insurance! Yisrael has changed many of her habits, she now pays bills even before they are due and has been conscious of the money she spends on her children and herself. She teaches her children to take care of what they have, instead of quickly going out to buy new things.

Yisrael states, “Life is a lot more peaceful now, I am lot happier, my kids are a lot happier.”  She shared she used to obsess and become severely ill thinking about her financial woes. She now thinks, ‘is that pair of shoes, more important than my peace of mind or my children’s future’. She has readjusted her mindset.

She enjoys the rhythm she is in now. “I am living, I am blessed, and I own four businesses, with two more in my brain”, said Yisrael. She has truly turned her financial situation completely around and definitely moving in the right direction. Kudos to Nahamani Yisrael! Check out her various business at nahamani.org

Women like Nahamani are why I do what I do. It is my mission to introduce financial literacy to individuals who have not been exposed to basic concepts of personal finances. I strive to inspire people to live financially healthier lives. We all know financial success is not determined by income, because how many multi-millionaires have filed bankruptcy. I made it my business to solve people’s misconceptions about their money and if I can give people the told they need to successfully navigate their finances, then I have lived a life with living.

Emerald Sparks
Emerald Sparks is a Financial Strategist and Founder of Emerald Sparks Ltd, a personal finance consulting company where she teaches and motivates professionals and business owners to solve the misconceptions about money. She has curated personalized financial strategies based on individual’s goals, obstacles, and habits. In 2016, she authored a short-read eBook entitled Vision. Future. Reality: How to Budget like a Boss to help educate and illustrate the importance of vision budgeting. She can be contacted at emerald@emeraldsparks.com or emeraldsparks.com.