Keep it Tight Fitness: Preparing for Bikini Season and Beyond

Keep it Tight Fitness: Preparing for Bikini Season and Beyond

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I consider May the start of bikini season. It’s almost March, so that means we have two months before bikini season is officially here! Are you ready? Are you fit and fabulous? OR are you still saying to yourself: "I need to get to the gym?"


Getting fit for "a season" is a trend that you need to stop this year. Fitness should be a lifelong commitment. It’s about way more than weight loss or fitting into a specific size. It’s about health, energy levels and self-confidence!


I want to give you few great tips to help you get on track and get your booty in shape. First, it always helps keep you accountable by having a few fitness buddies. And by fitness buddies, I mean friends that will work out with you and keep you accountable to the fitness goals you have set.


Second, always keep a gym bag packed and ready to go. I get ladies e-mailing me saying that they won’t make it to class because they forgot their shoes or sports bra. Don’t let this happen to you. Be prepared at all times!


Third, let your family know how important your commitment to fitness is to you. Tell them you really would appreciate their support.


Lastly, (and my favorite) schedule an appointment with a trainer at Keep It Tight Fitness to discuss your goals, frustrations, bad habits, etc. and let’s set up a no-fail plan for you to make some lifelong changes.


I realize making a commitment can sometimes be scary. No matter what the commitment is, it takes dedication to stick to a plan and be successful at it. You do not have to do it alone. We are here to walk you through each and every step to ensure you have the tools you need to win.


Diet accounts for 80 percent of your success with any fitness/health plan. At Keep It Tight we offer nutrition coaching so you can fill in the missing piece of the puzzle that most gyms simply do not focus on.


Lacking motivation? The hardest part is just walking through our door. So many ladies say that for literally months they were "planning" on coming to our gym. They were trying to get in shape first or felt intimidated.


You will see as soon as you meet my trainers and myself that there is no need for fear. The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming. Women come here to get serious about their health and fitness. You belong here.


Make your new spring fitness trend to get that fit body you’ve always wanted. The time is now.