Keep it Tight: A Fresh Perspective

Keep it Tight: A Fresh Perspective

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I have a lot of women tell me "I just don’t enjoy working out" and "I will never get those feel good feelings that I hear other people talk about."

Well, I have to admit that I don’t understand why some of us get that feeling and others do not. But I do believe that enjoying exercise may be "a learned thing."

Traditional exercise may not be for everyone. People have different interest and different goals and I think the key is finding the activity that excites you and that you enjoy doing.

The most important issue is health. It’s not healthy to be inactive most of the day. It’s unhealthy to have a poor diet lacking in necessary vitamins and nutrients. If you don’t exercise because you don’t enjoy it, then change your frame of mind: exercise to live longer. The reality is that exercise and diet go hand in hand with the quality and length of your life.

I recently read a startling statistic. The question asked "If you could remain at your goal weight, and never gain a pound regardless of what you ate, would you still exercise?" Eighty-six percent of the people surveyed said they would still continue to exercise.
Personally, that percentage seems high to me. I think initially people may continue their workout schedule, but eventually I think gyms would be empty. The reason I have this opinion is because I feel that the number one reason people exercise is to stay at their goal weight and feel confident about themselves.

I personally exercise for several reasons. The first being that it makes me feel good and have a more positive outlook on life. Exercise decreases my stress level and does release "feel good" endorphins in my body. Secondly, it’s to stay in my weight range that I feel best at. I simply am not as happy or confident when I feel I am over the weight I should be. And another reason for me to exercise is to stay healthy for myself and for the ones I love. I want to be around for my children, husband and parents.

My advice when people tell me that they simply do not enjoy exercise is that you don’t have to necessarily enjoy it. There are ways though to make is more enjoyable. You can exercise with friends, you can choose activities that don’t involve a treadmill or weight machine, and you can also plan activities that involve your children if that’s what motivates you more.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics for 2011, 34% of Americans are obese and 33% are overweight. The obesity rate in America has more than doubled since 1980. My point is this: We all sometimes have to do things we don’t necessarily enjoy. The main reason to exercise is no longer just to look better in our clothes. It’s to save your life and to be healthy.

We make choices everyday that affects our health in either a good way or a bad way. Now is the time to start making good choices and be a positive role model for your family. It’s never too late!