Bella Forza Fitness: Bathing Suit Season

Bella Forza Fitness: Bathing Suit Season

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While the weather here in Cincinnati can’t seem to make up its mind if it’s winter or spring, the season of the dreaded bathing suits is right around the corner. Many of you might already be in training for the kick off of swim suit weather on Spring Break. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or just dreaming of a tropical vacation, now is the time to start working on that beach body of yours. Hey, you never know when you could get whisked away to a tropical island. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared or dream does it?


In order to get that beach babe body we all know you have hiding, make sure to focus on three important keys to bathing suit body success: Switch it up, Watch your diet, and don’t shy away from strength exercises.


Switch it up!: Too often people get comfortable with their workout plan and then low and behold the inevitable plateau rears it’s ugly head. Throw that plateau a curve ball and bring in a switch hitter. Try adding new classes, new types of workouts, or change up the order of your routine. The body is pretty smart, but you are smarter and can trick it back to revving up that metabolism.


Watch your diet: Beat the bloat. Cut out salts and sugars leading up to the beach to show off those abs you have been working so hard on. You may be doing crunches every day, but if you don’t cut back on the sodium and sugar they will stay hidden behind the bloat. So lay off the sweet and salty foods so all that hard work can show through. Then your abs will get a lot of attention as you treat yourself to an umbrella drink on the beach.


Tighten and tone: strength exercises are essential to getting those lean and toned muscles we all dream of. Cardio alone will not get you to your goal so don’t be afraid of adding a little strength training to your routine. We often shy away from the weights in fear of bulking up. But have no fear ladies, you will not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from doing lots of low reps with light weights, but warning you might just end up with Michelle Obama arms.


Keep these three tips in mind as you gear up for the days of sunshine and swimsuits and you’ll be on your way to rocking that beach body of 2012. Sounds like a good reason to go ahead an buy that bikini to me!