Bella Forza Fitness: Don’t Fall Behind On Your Fitness

Bella Forza Fitness: Don’t Fall Behind On Your Fitness

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Fall has officially settled in. The kids are back in their school routine, and the weather has turned a little crisp and the days a little darker. With the change of the season, many might find it a harder to stay on their summer workout routines. Although fall might bring images of cuddling up inside with a good book or your favorite fall television series, it offers many great outdoor activities as well. So put that book down, and set Modern Family on the DVR. Get moving!


Take advantage of fall activities! The days are great for some of Ohio’s many hiking trails or taking a walk around the park to admire the foliage. Perusing pumpkin patches, picking apples or wandering through corn mazes provide great activities for the whole family with plenty of walking. Once those leaves start falling, use the opportunity to rake the lawn as extra exercise. (And hey, if you run and jump in them, we won’t tell!)


Be Smart:
As you are preparing to head outdoors for a nice run or an outdoor adventure, make sure you are properly prepared. Fill that water bottle up, and make sure you hydrate! Just because the days of blazing heat are behind us doesn’t mean your body requires less water. So, drink up that H2O.
Don’t forget about your skin either. Sunscreen should still be used to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays – even on overcast days.
And while you are choosing your outfit, make sure to layer up, as it will be a little chilly until you get that heart rate moving. Also, for the darker mornings and evenings, make sure to sport some reflective wear.


Need one more motivational push for settling into that fall workout routine? Consider the months ahead filled with cocktail parties and family feasts. Formulate your battle plan against the holiday bulge. The fall is the perfect time to crack down on a workout schedule and create a habit to prepare you for the holiday months ahead.