Keep it Tight Fitness: A Shoe-in for Fitness Goals

Keep it Tight Fitness: A Shoe-in for Fitness Goals

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Shoes are important in every woman’s life. I always love Fabushoe Friday when everyone posts pictures of their favorite wedges, platforms and sandals!



It’s funny because I live in gym shoes! So, sometimes I post pics of the latest and greatest gym shoes that I have. I always get so excited on “date night” when I get all dolled up and trade in my sneakers for some sexy shoes!


But enough of that! I want to talk to you about the importance of having workout shoes that fit right and give your feet the support they need. There are several great places in Cincinnati to get fitted for the perfect shoe for your needs.


Last year, I was introduced to the wonderful people at Fleet Feet in Blue Ash and I was amazed at all that what went into my fitting. They actually videotaped me running on a treadmill!


I got a good laugh when I simply asked the sales rep, “do these come in pink?” To which he replied, “color is not important.” I beg to differ! But with my focus on shoe aesthetics, and his on fit and personalized performance levels, I walked out with two pair of shoes and very happy feet!


It’s important to consider all of the above factors when choosing the right athletic shoe for you. I get ladies in my gym all the time complaining of shin splints and sore feet. And I always coach them on the importance of well-fitted shoes (and a well fitted sports bra, but that’s a whole other story).


I highly recommend taking the time to get properly fitted for your workout shoes. You’ll not only get a better workout, but your tootsies will look much prettier when it comes time to bare them in open-toe shoes!