Living the Fit and Healthy Life: Self Talk

Living the Fit and Healthy Life: Self Talk

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A new study from Glamor Magazine discusses how cruel our internal dialogue is. I think you would agree if someone told you, “You are fat and disgusting”, you would be horrified and probably would not tolerate someone degrading you in that way, but some of us tell ourselves the same thing on a daily basis.


How can our bodies give us anything else, but what we ask of it? I teach my clients to always watch their self-talk, especially when they’re embarking on a lifestyle change challenging enough itself.


“Neuroscience has shown whatever you focus on shapes your brain. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts about your body, that neural pathway becomes stronger—and those thoughts become habitual,” says Ann Kearney-Cooke, Ph.D., a Cincinnati psychologist who specializes in body image and helped Glamour design the survey.


Can you change this? A big fat YES!


It does take time and practice, but over time you can and will take control. One of the things I do is when I have an automatic negative thought; I replace it with something good so I can counteract the negative thought. It really does work overtime.


Does this take away from the fact that my body may not be perfect? No, but loving and respecting my body as a vehicle for my spirit is a much more empowering way to walk through life.


Take the self-talk challenge:
I challenge you today to write down the things you say to yourself for a week. After the week is up review yourself talk, if it needs to be improved take on this practice. Something to keep in mind as you do this is when your words actually do leave your mouth and children are present. You are teaching them how to talk to themselves.


Be kind to yourself and YOUR body will respond in like manner.


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