Living the Fit and Healthy Life: The Skinny on Health

Living the Fit and Healthy Life: The Skinny on Health

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1930s ad

For decades, our society has focused on the importance of being skinny while frowning upon “thicker” body types. The media perpetuates the lie of “the skinnier we are the more happy and successful we will be.” This thinking has caused men and women to go to extreme measures at the cost of their health.


The above-pictured advertisement from the 30s seems so funny now, but having a little extra body fat was associated with health and vitality.


The media’s convincing lies of “you will be happy if you are skinny” has challenged my objective when working with a new client. One of the first things I have them do is to watch a movie called “Hungry for Change.” (part 1) I encourage you to do the same.


Once you watch this movie, you will never look at processed food and dieting the same again and I hope you will create a shift in your thinking from I want to be skinny at all cost (if you think that way) to “I want to get as healthy as possible and I’m willing to let my weight normalize naturally through the process of getting healthy.”


When I competed, years ago, I followed the traditional “body-building diet” and achieved my dream body. I may have looked good on the outside but I was dying on the inside having developed chronic asthma, chronic fatigue and other health issues.


Switching my focus to getting fit and healthy was a game changer for me. I am proud to say I am cured of these conditions through a fit and healthy lifestyle.


We need a new marketing campaign that focuses on getting fit and healthy instead of being skinny. Some body fat is healthy and necessary for our hormones and other daily functions. To learn more, check out Andrew Weil’s blog post on body fat. (I strongly agree with him)


In my line of work, I offer clients free body fat analysis services to explain their body fat percentage and lean mass to fat ratio. (send me an email if you’d like one, too)


Remember, it’s not a diet, it’s your life. A diet is a temporary “quick fix” in achieving a goal to be skinny. When you begin to chase the idea of getting as healthy as possible by eating whole unprocessed foods, learning to detox your body on a regular basis and incorporating exercise, the result will be a REAL and LASTING CHANGE.