A Leadership Style with Alanna Martella: Part 2

A Leadership Style with Alanna Martella: Part 2

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Local news anchor Alanna Martella continues her story of courage and strength, beating death, and winning at life.

In Part 1 of her story Alanna Martella shared her story of courage and strength, beating death and winning at life.

In Part 2 we asked Alanna to share her strengths and opportunity areas in wellness.  

“I think there’s a season for everything” said Martella. “I hope to one day be able to confidently say I excel and am aligned on all levels simultaneously, but at the sake of being vulnerable, it depends on when you’re asking. Some days I feel my physical self is excelling. Other days, I feel pretty strong about my occupational area or mental state.”

Alanna has used this strength to add a new item on her resume: keynote speaking. During the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown the pandemic Alanna spent her free time writing a keynote speech to help impact and inspire others. Through her RISE UP model, Martella hopes to ignite the flame in every person who listens that you can (and will!) overcome enormous obstacles and seize opportunities, through a series of 5 basic steps.

Alanna identifies her sense of spirituality as her biggest strength in wellness.  “Meditation is known to ease uncertainty and unkind thoughts. Just 10 minutes a day really makes a difference. I also like listening to hz frequencies and reaching out to friends and talking to them or facetiming them.”  

Martella loves to move and finds joy particularly through practicing yoga.  It is in this practice that she is able to best manage her mental health.  

Through the ups and downs of her physical health journey, Alanna has always been willing to be open and transparent, leadinng to the creation of “Girls with Guts Podcast” with fellow intestinal illness warrior Nicole Dambro.   

Want to learn more about Alanna Martella’s Rise Up keynote or Girls with Guts podcast? Visit alannamartella.com.

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