A Leadership Style with Jill McIntosh

A Leadership Style with Jill McIntosh

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Celebrating female leaders who have advanced in their careers because they have integrated work and life through whole-self wellness.

In Part 1 of her story Jill McIntosh, CEO of JVM Ventures and Sr. Consultant of Simpactful Consulting shared her approach to leading though whole-self wellness, investing in herself so she can be strong enough to support others.  She spoke about keeping herself fueled with good-for-you foods like Crunchmaster Crackers and the importance of “lifting other women while she climbs,”  two things we’re big fans of at WISe Wellness Guild.

We have so many questions: how does she do it?  Is she really human? What are her wellness goals? 

Today we get our answers. Jill shares her areas of greatest wellness strength and opportunity and how she plans to strive for progress through the pandemic.

McIntosh’s secret to success? Staying active with those she enjoys spending time with. 

“It has been helpful for me to stay active by integrating my wellness and my social life. My husband is a tennis coach so he loves anything that has to do with a racket” said McIntosh. “We have fun playing squash, paddle and tennis together although I am not much competition for him :)”

And it doesn’t top with her spouse- Jill has found joy in staying active with her daughters as well. “My girls love lacrosse and I coach my youngest daughter’s team – it’s fun sharing the love of the game together! We also did “Girls On the Run” together and now I can’t keep up with her.” 

How does McIntosh stay motivated during the cold weather months? She enjoys running with her “Cold Feet” group at Tri-State Running Company. 

Photo: Jerin McIntosh

Wellness is work, and Jill believes in progress over perfection. “I need to improve in the area of mental/emotional wellness. I would like to foster an ability to reflect and meditate effectively” said McIntosh. “I know meditation can have amazing benefits, clear your thoughts and add balance/perspective- I need to be better about taking the time to do this and focus on mental clarity.” The good news is,  Jill is on the right path.  Note-writing, one of Jill’s hobbies, is a form of meditation. She also loves her Simple Truth Organic™  Nighttime Relaxation Tea to clear her mind for sleep.

We’re inspired by Jill’s leadership and approach to investing in herself so she can support others.  Self-care isn’t selfish and Jill is showing that it is actually the key to success.

To learn more about Jill McIntosh follow her on LinkedIn and explore https://simpactful.com/.

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